Meditation Why Do It & Tips to Get You Started

By Hibatalla Elshafie

Excluding exercise and a good diet, meditation is the key to your brain’s health. The most profound effect meditation has is stress reduction as it lowers Cortisol, which is the hormone our bodies release when stressed. As a result, people who meditate noticed healthier blood sugar levels, improved memory and even better looking skin! So that now we are on the same page. Let’s get you started.

Download Headspace
Start with the “Take 10” program which means doing 10 minutes of meditation for 10 days, then take 15 and so forth.

Do what works for you; it could mean 5 minutes with your office door closed, sitting on your chair.

Don’t pick a time, just do it
Whenever you find yourself able to be alone in a quiet place for 15, 10 or even five minutes; close your eyes and go for it.

Get others involved
Get a friend, sibling, spouse or anyone you feel would be a great partner on board on this project. You will encourage and support each other.

Though I’ve once decided to involve my siblings in a meditation session; which turned into lets-laugh-and-videotape-her-with-her-eyes-closed-session. So choose carefully.

Keep a log
I recommend using LIFT app, which is a habit building and tracking app. Keeping a log helps in developing meditation as a habit; not a stint.

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