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Mangoes one of best things that make us happy about Summers

“It’s not summer until you’ve eaten a mango” – Australian proverb.

Here are the 10 reasons why mangoes are one of best things that make us happy about Summers:

1. The Fragrant Smell


That sweet, fragrant and fruity aroma of mangoes sure gives you a mango rush!

2. This awesome fruit is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, and other beneficial minerals. 


A cup of mango contains three grams of fiber. That’s 10 percent of your recommended daily intake of fiber.

3. Working out extra hard to burn all those mango calories


Each mango has only around 135 calories and a daily intake of mangoes can make you gain weight. But Mangoes, compared all other high-calorie intake? Back off, they are not going to be around forever, people.

4. The endless varieties of mango that are there!


Only a true mango lover will be able to tell you exactly how many mango varieties there are, when they are available and which ones are the best.

5. You want it all day every day.


The true mango lover will have mangoes ALL day long! For breakfast, for lunch, for dinner or just walking around.

6. There are so many Mango desserts to choose from


7. But, we all love mangoes in their original form


8. When someone says they don’t like Mangoes


9. When someone asks for the last slice of mango


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