Living Our Best Lives

For an optimal state of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, people turn to Sha Wellness.

Internationally known SHA Wellness Clinic, located in Alicante, Spain, was born from the personal experience of Alfredo Bataller Parietti. He had suffered from many health problems, but recovered through healthy nutrition and natural therapy. He then became committed to sharing this recovery system, and created a project where the wisdom of the ages meets with the latest advances of Western medicine.

The programs offered are aligned with the needs of each individual, in harmony with the environment, to stay at an ideal weight while having great vitality. SHA Wellness started in 2008, offering health solutions through healthy nutrition. Guests are presented with a 360-degree wellness destination, enabling them to immerse in a range of treatments and programs: improving quality of life, slowing down ageing, and preventing illnesses. Personalized programs cover all aspects of health, from anti-smoking and sleep medicines to capillary health, cognitive stimulation, preventive medicine, fitness, dental aesthetics and more. The treatment zone of the venue comprises more than 80 cabins and consultations rooms, with over 35 doctors.sha_cooking-class

Live Well
To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the clinic is launching SHA Residences, which is a new way to experience the transformation to optimum health while enjoying spacious residences that care for the environment and those who actively use it.

SHA has studied the relationship between lifestyle and wellness, and worked with experts, architects, and interior designers to create a new concept of spaces where design, materials, and technology actively contribute to an improvement in wellness.
This includes integrating the residences within the natural environment, using sustainable building practices, selecting natural materials and opting for reusable energy and water recycling systems. sha_cognitive-consultation

The residences are divided into three types (Garden, Premier, and Penthouse), including facilities such as fitness rooms, treatment rooms, hammams, and saunas. All the residences also boast spacious gardens and terraces with glass infinity pools, and are situated in the middle of the Sierra Helada Natural Park, home to the main bird reserves in Spain. Guests enjoy a range of treatments, from therapeutic to beauty, exercise training, and healthy cooking classes. They can also request medical, nutritional, psychological, and other appointments in their residences. SHA Wellness Clinic is continually developing to ensure guests of the exquisite and specialist clinic leave with a new energy for life with the optimum outlook on health and well-being. With multiple acclaimed awards, globally and regionally, the clinic stays committed to providing life-changing experiences.


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