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Lipstick Dupes

Lipstick Dupes
By Zareen Muzaffar

Tips and tricks to get the same shades for better prices.

22NARS Schiap: Maybelline Hot Plum
Hot Plum is a little creamier than Schiap but the shade is very similar.

31MAC Twig: Marc Jacobs Lip Creme in Infamous
Marc Jacobs is slightly pinker in comparison but pretty close! Apply it with a darker lip liner for desired effect and dab with blotting paper.

4MAC Creme Cup: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Pink Please
Creme Cup is a very pretty blue pink shade and Pink Please comes very close.

lipMAC Girl About Town: Revlon Fuschia

For those who love bright pink shades Revlon’s Fuschia is a great replacement with a vibrant long lasting shade.

7MAC Candy Yum Yum: Maybelline Vivid Fuschia Flash
Candy Yum Yum and its gorgeous playful pink is an extremely popular shade. You can choose Fuschia Flash and rock the same shade.

11MAC Russian Red: Revlon Really Red

Revlon Red is just a tiny bit less intense but applying this shade with a lipstick applicator brush can give the same effect.

2MAC Pink Nouveau: Revlon Stormy Pink
Pink Nouveau, a pretty blue-based light medium pink and Revlon’s Stormy Pink gives the exact effect.

14MAC Rebel: NYX Wine and Dine
Rebel, a great intense shade, can be easily replaced with NYX in Wine and Dine.

16MAC Blankety: NYX High Voltage in Stone
Blankety is a beautiful nude shade with a tinge of mauve in it. These shades are exactly the same.

21MAC Velvet Teddy: Revlon Mauve It Over
Velvet Teddy is so popular it’s almost always sold out. Instead, go for Revlon’s Mauve It Over. It has the same matte effect and the shade is extremely close.

8MAC Chatterbox: NYX Fig
MAC’s Chatterbox is a fun vibrant pink and NYX Fig has the same shade, so why splurge when you can save and look good at the same time?

18MAC Myth: Maybelline Barely Bloomed
Myth is a natural nude shade and slightly matted. Barely Bloomed comes very close to Myth and it’s a little shiny in comparison.


MAC products available at: Serafi Megmall, Tahlia Shopping Center and Red Sea Mall.

Revlon, NYX, Maybelline products are available at Center Point. You can also find a range of drugstore makeup at Al Nahdi pharmacies.

Did you know?

Although the term “lipstick” wasn’t first used until 1880, lipstick use dates back to Ancient Egypt. It’s said that Cleopatra made her red lipstick from crushed Carmine beetles and ants.



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