Let’s talk Vitamins and Antibiotics!

The ‘With Ratio’ campaign

With Ratio, a campaign with the purpose of raising awareness on the consumption of vitamins and antibiotics. What are vitamins? I reckon you would know! Vitamins are compounds that the human body needs to practice the different segments of body functions, most vitamins are not even present in a human’s body, but rather consumed by food other than vitamin D which is gained through sunlight.

What are the most important functions of vitamins? The functions vary from acting as regulators of dietary mineral metabolism to an antioxidant, as a cofactor for enzymes that help stimulate metabolic processes and regulators for cell and tissue growth.


What are the daily requirements for vitamins? For starters, the body needs different amounts of vitamins according to different demographics including age, gender, physiological status like pregnancy, and health status.

Alright, what are Antibiotics? This medicine is used to treat and prevent different types of bacterial infections. The purpose of antibiotics is to kill some bacteria and prevent them from spreading within the human body.


Let’s talk about the campaign! It was a pleasure visiting and being part of the ‘With Ratio’ campaign that hosted 5 different zones.

The first zone. The first zone was considered the drawing zone where students had the chance to interact with each other and with doctors.


The triplet zones. The three zones in between were the center of the event, it hosted the specialized ladies and speakers who walked us through the purpose of this campaign.

The last zone; is the fun zone. This one was where the games were there for entertainment!

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