Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

KSA's Fashion Experts On Essential Items In Every Saudi's Closet

KSA's Fashion Experts On Essential Items In Every Saudi's Closet

To know exactly what are the essentials in every Saudi’s closet we caught up with the country’s leading fashion experts and asked them “what do you think are the essential pieces in every Saudis’ closet?” Here’s what they had to say.

Name: Hala Sabbagh
Title: Fashion Designer

Answer: Women – A statement dress, printed pants, an item with see-through details and a pair of Zara heels.

Men – Well that’s a tough one, but I guess a cool shirt and the right shoes will do just fine.


Name: Dalal Alhasan
Title: Fashion Designer

Answer: Accessories, a precious piece weather if it is a family heritage or a travel founding.


Name: Reem Abbar
Title: Fashion Entrepreneur

Answer: Abayas, thobes, sandals and sunglasses.


Name: Mazin Al Maimani
Title: Fashion Editor

Answer: Men – Denim (that fits perfectly), slip on shoes and sunglasses.

Women – I can say things that should not be there, and if they are should stay in the closet while in Saudi, no boots please (it’s almost summer all year long!). No leather pants or tops (again, it’s almost summer all year long!) and please throw away all of your Crocs.


Name: Hala Al Harithy
Title: Image Consultant/Stylist

Answer: I believe everyone women should own a great pair of jeans, a nice white top, and nude or black heel that works with everything! Also statement pieces (from an accessory to a bag) are a must in every Saudi women’s closet.


Name: Tee Saudi
Title: Fashion Designers

Abaya and thobe. A nice Tee shirt won’t hurt either 😉


Name: Dareen AlYawar
Title: Image Consultant/Fashion Stylist

Answer: As a Saudi woman you need a good classic black abaya, trendy abaya, white shirt and a pair of right fitting jeans. As a Saudi man you need a classic thobe with a fine cut plus you need good shoes that go perfectly with any thobe, good jeans that fit very well and white tee for our summery days.



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