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Kickstart Your Healthy Happiness

Kickstart Your Healthy Happiness
Jeddah’s weather is not as gloomy and dark like London’s tends to be, yet sometimes we easily find ourselves unhappy or down – and it becomes difficult to stay happy.
All of us feel low at some time or another! However, a shopping spree or a fat cheeseburger is not a long term solution for unhappiness. 

 Here are the healthiest ways to find your happiness: 3

1.       Experience a sunrise/sunset.

It happens twice a day and it’s up to you, to either let the beauty in or draw the curtains. Take a drive or just spend some time in your balcony with a cup of green tea.

2.       Pray two rakah of Nafl.

It’s no secret that prayer is the best way to attain peace in life. Whenever your heart feels unsettled, pull out that prayer rug and stand for salah.
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3.       Make someone else happy.

According to the Islamic approach, one of the best ways to tackle unhappiness or depression is by removing the focus from oneself and placing it on other people. Do something to make someone else happy – whether it’s making them tea and spending time with them or buying a meaningful present for them. 


4.       Play with a cat.

Cats are magical creatures which are scientifically proven to reduce human being’s stress problems. Pet, feed or play with it to feel better! This is not a joke, it’s actually helps.

5.       Expect nothing from people.

You’ll only be disappointed if you think happiness comes from others. It comes from within yourself and from trying to please Allah Subhana Wata’ala.

6.       Understand that you’re an individual.

It’s easy to compare ourselves to other people. Remember that each one of us is different and our purpose in life is unique.


7.       Read a book.

Immerse yourself in reading; it’s therapeutic and helps relieve stress.

8.       Forgive yourself.

Most of us find it difficult to let go of the mistakes we made; don’t let your thoughts become your worst enemy.

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9.       Bring the family together.

Plan a weekend get-together at your grandmother’s house! Plan a dinner and invite everybody; turn it into a family event to remember. Sometimes an evening of remembering the old days is enough to uplift our mood.

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10.   Workout!

You need the cortisols and endorphins that a good workout releases. These are hormones that lift your mood and make you feel happier. This is why most of us feel positive after a good workout. Join a gym or go power-walking in the evening!


11.   Set an alarm…for bedtime.

Most of us set alarms for waking up early, even when we know we’ll only sleep a few short hours. Get into the habit of setting an alarm for 8:30 pm, reminding you to prepare for bed. Go to sleep early, at least by 9:45, and get plenty of sleep on a regular basis.


12.   Cut back on the caffeine.

Coffee culture is a thing and most of us are its unsuspecting victims. We have becomes slaves of coffee and we can’t function without at least a few cups a day. Cut back and drink herbal teas instead.


13.   Stay off the junk food.

Junk food makes you unhappy more than it makes you fat. Eating crisps, candy and drinking sodas is no good for you. It causes sugar addiction and unsatisfied hunger pangs which, in turn, make you feel stressed and unhappy because you’re not content.

14.   Be thankful for the blessings you have.

We tend to look at people who have more than us, but we should instead look at the blessings we have been given and thank Allah Subhana Wata’ala for them. It’s easy to take the simple things for granted, so try to look around yourself more often.

15.   Share your blessings.

Organize a lunch for the drivers who live in your apartment complex or residential block, or give packs of food and water to the Baladiyah cleaners.

Share your healthy happiness tips with us! 


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