Jeeny, Saudi’s preeminent on-demand service provider

Jeeny has always offered reliable and cost-effective mobility services for us passengers, and the Jeeny drivers. 

Jeeny always continues to positively build on its reputation during a growth period for the nation by granting its clients with unique and different experiences which make them the first choice for user’s ride.

From its launch up until now, Jeeny has created an experience-centric service business that helps customers’ transportation, whilst also benefiting driver needs through technology. With that, Jeeny offers a dual benefit in which it creates a high driver availability rate. Jeeny utilized the power of technology to offer a standardized and stable transportation option to avoid inefficiency.

“With the prospect of making people’s everyday lives easier by providing an innovative solution to a shared issue, we wanted to do something different and further expand benefits. Our commitment to amplifying the service and engagement with matched passenger and driver benefits coupled with relatable marketing has been a key conductor for our evolution and market engagement,” Eugen Brikcius, the Co-CEO of Jeeny mentioned on creating an efficient platform for its customers. 

We can now safely say that Jeeny has launched a new hybrid office model, its new mobile office truck. This concept provides its customers with a comfortable and elegant  working space and meeting room for two team members for their on-the-go meetings with their business partners. 

This new creation will get the country buzzing around the city. Do not forget to capture the discount code displayed on the back of the Jeeny mobile office truck on your next ride.

This literally gives you the power to have your meeting at any location. The new mobile office has hopes of ramping up your productivity.  The Jeeny mobile office is launching at the end of January and will be a fixture and a Jeeny development effort of expanding across Saudi. 

For more, make sure to visit their instagram. 

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