One On One With G-Shock's Founder – Kikuo Ibe

By Mohammed Mirza

G-shock Founder, Kikuo Ibe, tells us more about his brand.


Can you tell us about how the concept of G-shock came about?
I received a watch from my father when I passed high school. I continued to use it for many years even after beginning to work at Casio. However one day it dropped and broke. So I got upset and thought of a solution for it and that’s how G-shock came about.

3What was the initial reaction to G-Shock in the market?
In 1983, slim watches were preferred. And during the initial years it was not accepted widely. However, in the 90’s the trend picked up and G-Shock became widely accepted.

2In today’s time do you consider your watches to be a utility or a fashion accessory?
G-shock offers both utility and fashion. In terms of utility we offer toughness, durability and shock resistance. While in terms of fashion we offer new styles, colors and designs.


4Your personal favorite watch?
The very first G-Shock, the DW-5000.


5 Things Men Should Consider While Buying Watches?
1. Durability
2. Quality
3. Functionality
4. Features
5. Design

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