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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

How Technology Has Led To Widening Waistlines

How Technology Has Led To Widening Waistlines

Remember watching the movie Wall-E? Honestly, I didn’t watch it until I read about how it has portrayed the humans in the future. And I had no idea just how accurately predictive it has turn out to be.

In the movie, the people of the future are depicted as obese, immobile and seemingly unhealthy. They are round, technology dependent, inactive huge floating fat blobs in hover chairs (OUCH!). They have pools and gyms that go unused and people even forget about basic face-to-face socializing! The ‘food’ is all processed drinks flavored like cheeseburgers and cupcakes.

Oh dear, does that sound familiar?!

Now don’t start lashing out about how mean it was. It wasn’t mean – It was eye opening. As every single year goes by, we come closer and closer to the certain future the movie had predicted.

Here’s the proof that without a doubt, it is happening. Right. Now.

– Everyone is glued to the screens all the time, in all positions

altwork_station_02 workstation article photo

This is a convertible workstation that covers everything from standing to sitting to lying down, with your monitor hanging above you. Hmm…should this worry us?

– Hover Boards: Because Walking Is Apparently Too Hard?


Why can’t we just walk like normal people?

I think hover boards are great for fun or hanging out with friends. But having a hover board as a source of dependency for everyday life seems like a terrifying thing.

– Never leave your bed again with this awesome Japanese invention. Oh boy!


This is great! Just great! Give it another 700 years and there won’t be any skinny minnies left.

So here’s the thing, calorie intake might not be the cause of the rising obesity rate. It could be something that we use in our everyday lives: technology.

It does make sense, no?!

As technology has made our lives easier, it has also led us to become increasingly inactive and desk-bound. Technology is meant to assist us, not run our lives. Staying active is critical and our bodies allow us to do a great number of productive activities.

Technology can be a beautiful thing. But as the old adage goes, too much of anything can be bad.

Relax, no one is asking you to eradicate technology. It sure is here to stay. So the only viable recommendation would be that we improve out dietary habits and exercise more.

Let the impact of waste and inactivity sink in. Then get moving and be grateful we still have a chance to prevent that from happening to us.



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