Holiday Aftermath: Back to Fitness After the Eid Indulgence

Now with the holiday season behind us, the damage the scrumptious food has inflicted on our waistlines and other body parts because of our dietary misdeed is pretty obvious.

But I say, no need to go on a guilt trip. What’s done is done. The last thing you want to do is blame yourself and spoil the holiday fun.

No matter what your background is, when it comes to the holidays, food always seems to play a huge role. Lavish family meals, Eid gatherings, and lots of holiday snacking (Oh! those irresistible sweets and savories) are all behind us and now it is time to return to a healthy nutritious routine to shed the unnecessary weight we have gained throughout the holiday season. Here are five tips to get you started:

Diet, yes! But in moderation.

Take small steps and don’t diet right away and cut back too quickly, as panicked dieters tend to do. You will not only deprive yourself but even your body will protest with all the hunger pangs it can muster. I don’t know how it works for you, but if I totally deprive myself of something, it makes me crave it more than ever and oh well makes me “hangry” (so hungry that you’re angry). But wait! Shouldn’t eating healthfully and exercising make you happy? Yes, it does but not when you go to extremes or cut out the wrong foods your body needs. So ditch the total deprivation mode.

Start by gradually training yourself out from your lately adopted eating habits. Reduce portion sizes, avoid high-sugar snacks and soda drinks consumption. Remember, losing weight at a slower pace also makes it more likely that you can keep it off long-term, which, of course, should be your ultimate goal.


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Drink a lot of water.

One important habit that you need to establish from day one is proper water intake. Drinking water makes you feel more full and make you eat less! Your skin, kidneys and many others organs will also benefit.


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Eat more healthy food.

When you do your grocery shopping, choose fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks, such as yogurt, eggs (but watch the yolks if you have high cholesterol) and oat bran. Oat bran helps with your digestion, and mixed with other food it reduces the amount of calories absorbed. It also swells in the stomach so u feel fuller for longer and it tastes pretty tasty too.


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Sleep away weight gain.

Most probably the holidays have left you sleep-deprived, perhaps even more than usual. While you weren’t sleeping, your body cooked up a perfect recipe for weight gain. Avoid unnecessary stress. Treat yourself to a good night’s sleep. You’ll feel rested and have more energy to take on the new challenges.


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Go Walking.

Physical activity will bring balance and energy back into your life. Go for a brisk walk outside, and if not, you can always exercise indoors on the threadmill or follow Leslie Sansone’s walking workout. I found it amazing and one of the best indoor exercise.


Your body will thank you for it and the guilt of the past few days will fade to be replaced by a sense of pride.

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