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Hidden Side of Bahrain

By Ahmed Almulla

Check out the island’s surprising spots.

There are many hidden gems in Bahrain that I love exploring and sharing with others. Not your typical fare, but rather out of the way spots that each offer their own unique experience.

img_0134Farm Life

I began my exploration with this beautiful farm that’s located just behind Bahrain Fort in Karbabad, growing everything from cabbages and potatoes to onions and more. The farm is publicly accessible with no entry fees and you can witness firsthand the hard work that farmers endure to harvest the land. You can also get some fresh vegetables and fruits from one of the booths located in front of the farm. Sunsets are especially magical and you can use the opportunity to even do some horse-riding if you want.img_0184

Opposite the farm is a seaside village called Karrana with a spectacular view of the whole city of Manama. Don’t pass up some of the local street food, including the highly recommended harees.

Forest Fun

img_0231On another day, I explored the Ras Sanad Mangrove Forest. Although the site is in dire need for more attention, it was an excellent place to experience some solitude and serenity. The site is accessible to the public and there are no marked signs but you can easily find the location on the map. Once there, you’ll marvel at the giant mangroves that run across a small water spring in the middle of nowhere. Up ahead in the distance, there is an old mosque and a few farms that make this place a perfect spot to enjoy a peaceful sunset.

Bays and Lagoons

img_0312Finally, I want to share with you the wonders of Bahrain’s natural reserves. First up, there’s Tubli Bay. Here you can appreciate the beauty of the sea and enjoy some very underrated birdwatching. Seagulls, flamingos and so much more to watch and pass the time in nature. Another excellent natural reserve is Dohat Arad Lagoon and it is open to public for free at all times. Here you can enjoy a lovely time with the family or get some exercise in by walking their rounded 3km pathways.img_0325

Bahrain is such a beautiful place to be, and exploring these hidden gems has its own rewards. For me, it was the solitude and the sense of appreciation to the surrounding environment. This experience is invaluable and I recommend all readers to try it!img_0319

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