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A consultancy company providing compassionate healthcare solutions.

The healthcare sector in the Kingdom is witnessing a strong growth due to increased healthcare spending like specialized treatments, growing establishments of healthcare insurance, increase in per capita income and high investments in the healthcare infrastructure.

Health.Links is a consultancy company specialized in healthcare that works with its strategic partner Press Ganey to support healthcare organizations. The partnership includes operational support in data collection and survey management with a localized focus.

But how do we encourage a culture of empathy and compassion in healthcare facilities? How do we put value based care at the forefront? “We need to put compassion back into healthcare, right where it belongs,” says Adel Shabaan, Health.Links founder.

In 2014, Shabaan founded Health.Links with the sole intention of improving patient experience in the Middle East through developing programs that would help patients receive the care they deserve and support them in their healing journey. Today, Health.Links is a subsidiary of the Healthcare Development Holding Company (HDH).

Shabaan had the opportunity to obtain a wide knowledge in the healthcare industry: research, marketing and health care administration through working in each of these areas over the past 15 years. In 2013, Adel was appointed as the Patient Experience Director at the International Medical Center (IMC), the first post of its kind in a hospital in the Kingdom, where his team initiated a comprehensive service facelift program for the patient’s experience in the hospital.

The Patient Experience team was the first to apply a modified version of HCAHPS (survey) in the hospital for their discharged patients, the outpatient department and the ER. This helped drive various Process Improvement (PI) initiatives and benchmark the hospital’s performance against international best practices.

Shabaan believes quality health care begins with best practices that revolve around patient care and satisfaction. When patients enter a healthcare facility, they expect immediate attention and support. But a great healthcare facility’s success is dependent on excellent patient experience. As a result, many healthcare providers have turned to a scientific approach of performance measurement.

A Vision for Healthcare in KSA

Health.Links aims to optimize performance in the Kingdom by encouraging culture of reporting that enforces accountability. The performance measures taken by healthcare facilities will reduce patients suffering. Mitigation of avoidable factors such as suffering and anxiety is also reduced with properly trained staff.

“Our goal is to deconstruct suffering for patient satisfaction so healthcare organizations become known for quality care and best practices in the Kingdom.” – Adel Shabaan, Health.Links Founder

How does Health.Links drive measurable performance for healthcare facilities?

Customized survey types and methods are employed to measure healthcare analytics. Their survey types are tailored to help clients and execute methods that improve patient care and help provide compassionate services. “Our goal is to offer tailored services that are backed by data to avoid errors and misconceptions. Health.Links strategic vision is aligned with the stakeholders and parallel to that is our concern for the patients who deserve quality and value based treatments in hospitals and medical facilities throughout the Kingdom,” explained Shabaan.

Health.Links partners with government bodies, legislators and accreditation bodies, public hospitals, private health care institutions and teaching hospitals.



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