Your Health Will Make You Wealthy

By Reem Zahid
The different types of health we should take more seriously.

Social Health

Social health is the ability to interact well with people and the environment and to have satisfying personal relationships. It’s nice to maintain a good relationship with the people around you and have healthy connections with them. No matter what happens between you and a person, forgive and clear all the bad vibes from that relationship and go back to how clear and pure the relationship was. Remember that forgiveness is the key to happiness and peace of mind.


Mental Heath

It’s the ability to learn and grow intellectually. Life experiences as well as more formal structures such as schools, enhance mental health. You always have to work and train your mind and make it go through experiences that make you learn. Not all experiences should be good. Don’t let the bad experiences stop you from trying other things. Learn from your mistakes and have a healthy smart mind.


Emotional Health

It’s the ability to control emotions so that you feel comfortable expressing them and can express them appropriately. Some people don’t know how to express their emotions or they express them in a wrong way (opposite of what they really feel inside). Try reading books, watching movies, talking to your family or confidants – anything to get out of the bubble you sheltered yourself with. Express your feelings correctly.

 Another thing in emotional health is to learn to always accept the bad as much as you accept the good. Don’t get devastated when a bad thing happens to you, but turn it into something positive. We all go through rough times but always know that you are strong enough to put up with whatever life throws at you. Always remember that everything happens for a reason and there’s always a lesson from God. So just relax. Your life is in God’s hands, what is more comforting than that?  


Body Health

I’m not asking you to quit junk food entirely. Too much of anything is bad. Don’t harm yourself and be kind to your body. Notice how irritable or lethargic you get after eating junk food and compare it to how energetic you feel, how your skin glows and how your mood becomes 10 times better when you have fruits and nutritious food.

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