Hani Khoja Tells Us all about his New Book “A Global Nomad in Search of True Happiness”

Tell us how the creation of the book came to life.

I believe that each and every human being has been created to make the world a better place. To be God’s “Khalifa” on earth.   Some of us have been blessed with more health, wealth, wisdom and security.  But all of us have a unique ability to make a difference. I started writing this book at age 45. This is what many people would call the golden decade of one’s life, and I am now contemplating what’s next.  How do we leverage our God-given skills and blessings to do more?

  • What is your aim behind the book?

By writing this book, I firstly hope I will inspire others to determine their ultimate destiny.  We must have faith that we can do anything we want –as long as we have good intentions, strong willpower, and resilience.
Secondly, I hope to bridge the gap between the American and Saudi cultures.  Having lived most of my life between both cultures, I highlight the similar values and beliefs they share. I aim to out-voice the extremists who have thus far dominated the conversation.

  • Does the book follow a particular style?

I have filled this book with anecdotes and stories from my life.  Each chapter and recommended step is supported by real life experiences from Saudi Arabia, the United States, Belgium, Niger, Tanzania and other countries across the world. Some stories are inspirational and others are more humorous.

  • Who would be the ideal reader of this book?

I think the book will be helpful for:

  1. Americans who want to understand Saudis, Arabs, & Muslims beyond the typical stereotypes.
  2. Saudis, Arabs, and Muslims who are struggling with their identities -especially in a world that is hostile to them.
  3. Individuals who want to make a difference in the world around them but don’t know how

Available in Jarir bookstores and Amazon

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