Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Hang, Dine & The Perfect Time

Hang, Dine & The Perfect Time

Are you looking for a fun outing with your friends‭? ‬We bring to you some of the most aesthetic and contemporary spots where you‭ ‬can indulge in their mouth-watering menus and socialize the night away‭! ‬




This luxurious complex is home to a myriad of brands from Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, and Versace to many more. It is home to restaurants and cafes such as Circa, Baco, Dots, and more. 

Location: King Abdul Aziz Rd‭, ‬Ash Shati‭ ‬
Instagram: boulevardksa


EDEN Strip

Nestled within the Al Andalus District, you’ll find one of the most popular hang-out spots in Jeddah, where young locals spend their evenings in the various cafes. The ground floor is filled with favorites such as Black Cardamom, Pink Camel, Sweet Bread, Tamped, Sofia’s Bistro, Mr. Hakan’s, and more. 

Location: Al Andalus District‭, ‬Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz‭ ‬


City Yard Plaza‭ ‬

City Yard Plaza is home to some of the finer cafes in Jeddah, along with the new and exciting House Hotel, with a stunning view of the majestic fountain and cafes like Cosmo, L’eclair de genie, Cereal protocol, and the Indian restaurant Kumar. 

Location:‭  Abdul Maqsud Khojah‭, ‬Ar Rawdah‭, ‬


Le prestige‭ ‬

The prestigious entryway to Le prestige. This luxury fashion and dining house is here to offer you the classiest experience with Rolex, Tudor, Chopard, Swarovski, and more! Take a break from shopping and have yourself a good cup of coffee with Signature, Cafe Bateel, or a palatable meal with Sama Jaad’s Tomillo.

Location:  Al Andalus District‭, ‬Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz‭ ‬
Instagram:‭ ‬leprestigemallksa



The Boulevard Riyadh‭ ‬

When you first set foot onto the Boulevard, your eyes immediately go to their contemporary designs. You’ll get to enjoy shopping in the upscale concept stores housed here, alongside dining to spas and hotels. 

Location:‭  Al Amir Turki Bin Abdulaziz Al Awal Rd
Instagram:‭ ‬theboulevard_riyadh


Al Thager Plaza‭ ‬

Al Thager Plaza is an outdoorsy boulevard that has anything and everything you need. Furniture stores, hardware, and retail stores, cafes, dining, and fashion all in one place.

Location:‭ ‬Prince Mohammed Bin Salman‭ ‬Bin Abdulaziz Rd


The Zone Shopping Mall

Enjoy some luxury shopping and have a great time at the Zone’s cafes such as Catch 22, The Lebanese Em Sherif Cafe, Laderach Chocolate Coffee serving Swiss chocolate coffee, and much more. You can explore the Zone further and visit Tihama Library, Shi Nail Spa, the Theo Exhibition, and much more. 

Location: ‭ ‬Al Takhassusi‭, ‬Al Mohammadiyyah


Riyadh Front‭ ‬

Experience a shopping experience like no other! One of Riyadh’s most visited spots, including luxury brands such as Balmain, Blue Age, Adidas, Coach, and American Eagle. This destination is also packed with must-visit restaurants from Wagyu, Lucca Steakhouse, to Kashounat Al Bait, Lahma and Fahma, and Burj Al Hammam. 

Location:‭‭  Airport Road‭, ‬King Khalid International Airport‭ ‬
Instagram:‭ ‬riyadhfront‭

Sharqiyah‭ ‬


Patio‭ ‬

With a setting both serene and tranquil, this outlet brings you nothing but the best! Are you looking to satisfy your taste buds? Patio houses unmissable cafes and restaurants including Dose, Aghatti, and Picniq, with other amenities such as Tony Veyz’s men’s care salon and many more. 

Location:‭ ‬Al Hizam Al Thahab‭, ‬Al Amir Homoud Bin Abdulaziz‭, ‬Al Khobar


Awan Gallery‭ ‬

Head to Awan Gallery for a special treat for your palette! The packed pathway is covered with cafes and dining spots that will enrich your trip. With Spell Coffee, Bastah Karak, Abnormal, Oxford 13, Da Vinci’s, and more, you have endless choices to fulfill any craving. 

Location:‭  ‬Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Road‭, ‬Al Khobar‭ ‬


Matal‭ ‬

The luxury spot is home to spots with picturesque views. With restaurants like La Comida, Texas Roadhouse, as well as The Hub and Samra stunning views of the sea. Enter this magical atmosphere and take in its beauty. 

Location:‭ ‬Alkurnaish‭, ‬Al Khobar
Instagram:‭‭ ‬‭


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