Haircare Remedies

By Amal Murad

They’re easy and they all make a difference.

Taking care of your hair starts with NOT washing your hair everyday. To wash, choose a shampoo that is plant-based, botanic and more natural ingredients such as almond, argan, coconut and vitamins.

Unfiltered water can damage your hair, and the climate here dehydrates your scalp and hair causing dullness and tangles. You can easily fix that by rinsing your hair with filtered water before you leave the shower. Also, cold water can add a refreshing and shining touch to your hair.2

My hair is dry at edges and oily at roots. That is a sign that you need to watch over your diet by eliminating junk food and sugar. Try shampoo without conditioner; apply a few drops of non-sticky rich serum, such as argan or macadamia on your hair, avoiding the roots. Also use a hair mask once a week to moisturize your hair. The hair mask should include avocado, almond or aloe vera. Honey is great too, for an extra shine.1

My hair is curly. Curly hair needs to be washed using 100 percent sulfate-free shampoo. If your hair is curly, brush it during your shower to maintain its natural curls. Drying curly hair is the trick to maintaining the curls. Simply wrap your hair with a tower and very gently give it a few rubs and apply a natural cream (not oil replacement treatment). Try almond or coconut oil based products.3

I have dandruff. Olive oil, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar solutions are the best natural way to get rid of dandruff. Apply it to your scalp using finger tips, 20 minutes before your shower, and wash your hair once a week only with anti- dandruff shampoo. A daily wash can cause your scalp more dryness and therefore more dandruff.

In general, taking care of your hair needs a balanced diet, a silky pillowcase and a really suitable shampoo. It works for all kinds of hair, every time.

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