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Green Tea: Overhyped or Nature’s Miracle Drink? 


Green tea originated in China thousands of years ago and spread throughout East Asia. It is now the drink de rigueur all over the world. But does it really deliver on all its life-extending promises?

For a start, don’t expect all types of green tea to taste the same. Just because they are all one color does not mean that they are identical. Different kinds of green tea have different flavors depending on the type of leaves selected and the way they are processed. Popular for its fresh and light flavor, green tea can be drunk hot or cold. It can also be used as a flavoring for ice creams, soft drinks and even as a spice.

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 Green tea is known to lower the risks of a wide range of diseases, from simple infections to chronic degenerative conditions such as cardiovascular disease and even cancer. It may also help prevent or slow weight gain by limiting fat absorption in the body. This is how it gained its reputation as THE weight loss drug of the 21st century.

A version of green tea called “matcha” is made from the powder of ground green tea leaves. Originally from Japan, matcha can be bitter for those unaccustomed to its taste. It is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, fiber and chlorophyll. Tea drinkers all over the world are making the switch from black to green.


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