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Got Old Books And Paper; Here’s How You Can Recycle Them In Jeddah

Got Old Books And Paper; Here’s How You Can Recycle Them In Jeddah
By Rayan Khayyat

With schools coming to a close for summer vacation, there are tons of paper and books that are thrown away. If these were disposed wisely we can save our valuable natural resources.

While many are always complaining about the lack of maintenance on our environment, its up to us to take the initiative and do our own part and inspire others in the process.

There are some  new recycling services that are making it easy for households and schools to participate. Destination Jeddah has prepared this list for you to show how accessible recycling can be here. Find out what you can do and don’t forget to encourage your friends, families and even the schools your children go to.

nesmaNesma Recycling: is one of the largest wholesale processors of paper, plastic and scrap metals in Jeddah. They work with industrial manufacturing plants and over a third of recovered paper they receive comes from households.

Tel: +966-2-6581188
Location: Al Nuzhah District, King Fahad Road

mawakebelajerMawakib Alajer: is an accomplished and notable charitable organization that will take your recycling and deliver it to the appropriate companies. It is also the place to take your donations of any kind. They accept clothes, furniture, electronics, toys, antiques, art and books, and neatly package them to be taken where they’re needed most.

Tel: +966-2-6062433
Facebook: Mawakeb Alajer
Location: Rawda St., behind Badriyya Towers

trewindTrewind: is a recycling company that produces a new wood and plastic composite used in construction. They have created a successful recycling campaign and have placed collection points across the city. Tetra Pak Arabia supported their successful recycling campaign, and was also recognized by the Ministry of Education for the nation-wide project titled “Feena Khair,” that teaches students about the importance of recycling.

Trewind: Tel: +966-2-6092240
Facebook: Trewind Recycling
Location: Industrial City


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