Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

GO WILD! Best Sites for Camping in Saudi Arabia

GO WILD! Best Sites for Camping in Saudi Arabia

Best sites for camping in Saudi Arabia for stargazing, sunsets and the glorious wilderness.

Winter in Saudi Arabia is unlike any other. The change of seasons provides a much-needed respite from the burning summer sun—as well as a change of pace. This winter, escape the hustle and bustle of the city and rejuvenate in peace and solitude on a nature-inspired camping trip.

Here is a list of the must-visit camping destinations all over the Kingdom for the outdoors enthusiast wanting to stargaze and explore uncharted frontiers.

Best sites for camping in Saudi Arabia

Acacia Valley – Riyadh

Acacia Valley is in the heart of Jabal Fihrayn, more famously known as “The Edge of the World.” This beautiful valley, renowned for its soft sand, is located 90km away from Riyadh and is an ideal spot for an overnight camping experience. Expect to be greeted by camels on your ride up to the site as you experience what it is like to be a pioneer.

Location: King Abdullah Rd., Ar Rahmaniyyah, Riyadh


Jabal Al Lawz – Tabuk

Tabuk is one of the few places for camping in Saudi Arabia that witnesses snow. Locals love to pack up their camping gear along with firewood and head up to Jabal Al Lawz, located in the northwest part of the country. Once you reach the summit of the mountain, make sure to enjoy some hot Shahi Faham—a hot tea often made on coal or firewood steeped in a traditional teapot called an Ebreeq.

Location: Jabal Al Lawz, Tabuk


Wadi Al Disah – Tabuk

Located 80km south of the city of Tabuk, Wadi Al Disah (Al Disah Valley) is an enchanting natural wonder that consists of a lush valley floor girded by sandstone cliffs and masts. Winter, with its warm mornings and cold nights, is the best time to camp here.

Pitch your tent anywhere on the vast terrain and enjoy stargazing amongst raw, unfiltered nature.

Location: Al Disah, Tabuk

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Kharrarah National Park – Riyadh

Situated in the outskirts of the city of Riyadh, Kharrarah National Park is an ecological marvel consisting of beautiful lakes and red-hued hills. It’s one of the best spots to camp for families. The space is known for dune bashing and various other family-friendly sand activities bound to bring a smile to your face.

Location: Al Muzahmiya, Riyadh

Falcon International Camp at Khubayb Al Reem – Riyadh

Experience an authentic Bedouin camping adventure located in the west of Riyadh. The Falcon International camp at the Khubayb Al Reem allows you to sleep under the stars, as well as get up close and personal with trained falcons. Other activities available at the site include exploring the stunning desert with a camel caravan and archery amongst others.

Location: Jalan Bani Bu Hasan. About 60 km away from AL Ashkhara, 80km from Ras Al Had.


Deeratna  – Jeddah

Located an hour away from Jeddah city, Deertana in Dhaban offers a fantastic camping experience with everything set up for your convenience. With fun activities like riding buggies in the sand, go karting, and meandering in the beautiful sandy desert, make sure to book before embarking on the journey to the campground.

Location: Dahaban

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Moon Valley – Jeddah

An hour from the city of Jeddah, on the outskirts of town lies the beautiful Moon Valley. It is the perfect place for camping in Saudi Arabia to set up your camp and enjoy some peace. Stare in awe at the clear skies—perfect for any astronomy enthusiast—while experiencing nature at its finest.

Location: Moon Valley, Jeddah

Best sites for camping in Saudi Arabia

Al Souda – Asir National Park – Asir

Al Souda Asir National Park is a vast natural reserve that spans 1,600 square kilometres through the beautiful Asiri terrain. With over 67 campsites all equipped with parking and toilet amenities, along with nature packed activities like hiking and exploring the tremendous Arabian wilderness, this spot is perfect for any camper.

Location: King Abdul Aziz Rd, Al Shafa, Abha


Makan Camp – Dammam

Makan camp is a camping ground set up in the vast desert on the outskirts of the city of Dammam with various activities like dune bashing, bonfires, and BBQ amenities set up for a perfect camping trip for you to enjoy with either friends or family.

Location: Al Waslak, Dammam

Best sites for camping in Saudi ArabiaAl Asfar Lake – Al Ahsa

Surrounded by lush greenery and nature, the Yellow Lake or the Al Asfar Lake is a perfect camping spot that can be found in the city of Al Ahsa in the eastern province. The wetland area beautifully fenced by reeds is sure to make your sunsets memorable. Make sure to pack all your camping gear in your 4×4—this location is quite far from the city but worth the trip!

Location:  Al Asfar Lake (Al Ahsa)


Jabal Magnet – Medina

The mysterious Jabal Magnet Medina is located 30 mins away from the city of Medina this camping destination will surely be making your head scratch over the scientific anomaly it is known for being a spot where water can flow uphill and that a vehicle put in neutral can travel uphill.

Location: Albaidha Public Park, Medina

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Caves to explore for camping in Saudi Arabia

Tour Operators for camping in Saudi Arabia

Where to buy your camping gear


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