Things you need to take on a camping trip

So we all know camping trips are not easy, especially for families. The number of things you have to remember to pack with you, is never-ending. To help you out and to make sure there isn’t an “Oh no!! I forgot to bring it!” moment, we’ve put this mini list of all the necessities you should definitely take with you.

1. Sunblock Lotion SPF 30 - 50+
It s something that should be in your daily routine, regardless of the weather and the amount of sunshine. So, if you’re planning to head out to the barr, stack it up. Make sure to blend it in.. otherwise you might give someone a fright. Sunblock lotions can be found in Danube, pharmacies and even with most international beauty brands available in Sephora, Wojooh and select pharmacies.


2. Mosquito repellent
Unless you enjoy being bitten all over and having to spend the day trying to resist the urge to itch.. we suggest using a strong repellent spray. ARS repellent spray is super-strong and lasts for up to 10 hours (can be found in supermarkets and pharmacies) Take that mossies!
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3. Water
Even thought this is a no-brainer, try to take as much water as possible. The last thing you want is to have to go off looking for a natural spring because you only took two bottles of water.


4. Vaseline
No one likes the feeling of dry lips. Stay hydrated throughout the day and moisturize your skin to keep it soft.
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5. Sunglasses
We suggest taking an extra pair, especially if you’re going to be doing activities. You never know what might happen, sunglasses fly off all the time, and you don’t want to be stuck looking at the ground because the sun is just too bright. Plus, sunglasses always make you look cool; have a look at Rayban, Dior and Miu Miu for stylish glasses this season.


6. Scarf
Don’t underestimate the power of protection a scarf can give you. Having sand thrown in your face as you surf the sand dune is super not-cool, so to stay safe and to keep your face sand-less, we suggest using the scarf to wrap your mouth, nose and hair. For hijab wearers, turbans are a good idea as they stay put even in the windiest conditions.


7. Hat / Cap
No one likes the idea of sand making your scalp itchy or your hair dirty, and no one likes the sun directly on the face especially when it’s 30-40 degrees; so make sure to take wide-brimmed caps or straw fedora hats.


8. Comfy shoes
Since you’re mostly likely to be running and walking around, plus sand erodes leathers, it will definitely be a great idea to wear trainers or plimsolls (for those who don’t own trainers like me.)


9. Power bank
“Oh no. My battery is dying” is the worst feeling, particularly if you still have the whole day worth of pictures and videos to take. Bring a charger or a power bank along, you might even need an adapter.


10. Bluetooth speakers
Unless you like the sound of silence in the desert, we recommend taking speakers to keep up the vibe and zone out scary sounds.


11. Camera
I think this is self-explanatory.


12. Sat-nav
We can’t imagine a world without Sat-nav. Stay safe and if it’s not installed in your car, make sure to have Google Maps and GPS switched on while out in the middle of nowhere.


13. Backpacks/ messenger bags
You’re probably going to have a lot of things to carry around: your ID, money, phone, vaseline, water, etc. Keep all of this in a compact-sized bag, be it be a backpack or a messenger bag.


14. Marshmallows
No camping trip is complete without a bonfire moment with marshmallows on sticks. YUMMM. Take cookies to make marshmallow sandwiches. YUMMM.



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