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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Gifts to Support the Breast Cancer Fighters

Gifts to Support the Breast Cancer Fighters

AlBandary Khaled AlJohar

Gifts for a breast cancer patient or survivor can be hard to choose because it’s a touchy subject.

If you know anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer or is going through treatment for it, these gifts can help to uplift them. It’s a thoughtful way to offer your support and care for them.

1- Bandana Headband


You can design and color a bandana that they can use for chemo’s side effects.

2- Bookmarks

Photo credits: Aga's box of miracles
Photo credits: Aga’s box of miracles

You can design a bookmark with inspirational quotes or with images to keep them going.

3- Flowers:


Flowers decorations as breast cancer ribbon or with motivational words on gift cards.

4- Wall Decorations


You can have inspirational quotes as wall art  or you can design stickers.

5- Baking a cake


Make your support sweeter and edible by baking a cake.

6- Organizing a Party


You can organize a pink themed party and invite all the cancer fighters and survivors to let them know that they are not alone in this journey.

*Early Checkups for Breast Cancer Means Early Cure, insha Allah

Check the Ministry of Health National Program for Citizens that offers a free check-up under these conditions:

1- Must have the Saudi National ID or married to a Saudi Citizen

2- Must be above 40 years old, 30 years old in case there was a family history of breast cancer

3- Must show the National ID

4- Must be not pregnant

5- Must be nonbreastfeeding for at least 3 months

Location: Hayat Mall, near dip n ‘ dip, 1st floor, Gate 7

For more information Check out their Social Media accounts


Twitter: @ccpmoh_ksa



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