Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Get-up with the Heat: Men’s Trends are NOT Dead-Ends

Get-up with the Heat: Men’s Trends are NOT Dead-Ends
By Ahmed Nasir
How to stay trendy and hip during this scorching heat? Don’t sweat it!

We have done our complete research to help you stay nifty this summer:

1. Men in Black

David B Shot 1437-11-12 at 12

When you talk about class, black is probably your best choice! Football legend, David Beckham, nailed the “all-black” look! Take a glance for yourself.

2. Bright and Light is Just Right!

Bright and Light Collage

Since it’s summer and we’re in Riyadh, light-colored outfits are essential to absorb the heat. Our favorite pick of color is faded salmon; undoubtedly brilliant!

3. Less is More

less is more Collage

One of the first rules of elegance is “Less is More”. Dress lightly but with style; that’s the key. The pictures are self-explanatory.

4. Shoe Wars

shoes s Collage

Shoes? More like ticket to step outside home! You have to wear something that goes with your outfit. Shoes to an outfit are like buttons to a shirt.

5. Wear with Confidence

mens fashion gif-1972395394

Wear anything with confidence and you will definitely kill it! Confidence is part of dressing. You don’t “look” confident; you WEAR confidence.


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