Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Get Serious, Get Personal Trainer Jeddah’s Favorite Fitness Experts

Get Serious, Get Personal Trainer Jeddah’s Favorite Fitness Experts

Some of personal trainer jeddah and fitness experts.

Looking to hike up your fitness a few notches and invest in your exercise regimen? Hiring a personal trainer or having one-on-one classes with a fitness expert can give you customized support, whether you’re just starting out or looking to level up. Here are some male and female personal trainers and fitness experts who can help you out.

Nada Mandoora

personal trainer jeddah

A certified IFPA and Les Mills trainer, personal trainer jeddah female, she gives up-to-date and energetic Les Mills classes ranging from RPM (Cycling), Body Combat, and Body Pump (Weights). She started her own studio, gives classes and provides other trainers space to give their own classes.

Nada’s Pick: I love the food at Wakami Lounge (on Zahra Dist. and Rawdah Dist.) and Roots Salad ( Their ingredients are of good quality, and I have healthy, delicious choices!

Nada’s Pro-Tip: Figure out what you love – if you love it, you’ll likely be consistent.

Location: N17 Studio, Rawdah Dist.
Mob: +966-553301018
Instagram: n.17fitness

Reem Bakri

personal trainer jeddah

One of the best NASM-certified personal trainer jeddah with certifications in multiple fitness areas, from boxing to kettlebell to TRX, and also a variety of Les Mills programs, she is also a GEL master trainer, a 3-day course for ladies who want to become group exercise leaders in Jeddah.

Reem’s Pick: I love Olympia Gym (6th Floor, The Headquarters Business Park, Corniche Rd.), it has a breathtaking view! I also love the food at SINLESS (Prince Saud Al Faisal Rd. Rawdah Dist.).

Mob: +966-555090011

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Dr. Sara Mokhtar

personal trainer jeddah

Personal trainer jeddah female. A martial art specialist (Kyokushin Karate, Muay Thai, and Aikido) who’s participated in a number of events in Australia and Saudi Arabia, including National and International Karate Championships, she’s a winner of 6 trophies and 2 medals. She also founded Sarate, a martial arts school for kids and ladies.

Sara’s Pick: My favorite shop for sportswear and accessories is DT Sports KSA (Jawad Center, King Fahad Rd.).

Location: N17 Studio, Rawdah Dist.
Mob: +966-546668299
Instagram: sarate85 / saramokhtar

Hanan Al Shehri

personal trainer jeddah

One of the most personal trainer jeddah and inspirational yogis we have in town, she has been in this journey for more than 3 years, giving classes in her own studio “Hoakelei.” She has multiple packages customized for your needs – whether you’re a busy person, or just curious about yoga.

Hanan’s Pick: Hanan’s Pro-Tip: Get a minimum of 3 recommendations from different people who have tried a trainer or gym. Don’t just follow a workout trend because it’s cool. Understand the workout you’re getting yourself into – do your research.


Fawaz Altassan

personal trainer jeddah

A fitness specialist who has ISSA certifications in personal training, fitness nutrition, and exercise therapy, he is also CrossFit and Zumba certified. He has a personal training center where you can choose your goals and packages accordingly, whether it be training for weight loss, body building, and rehabilitation.

There are 3 Fawaz Altassan (FT) Personal Training Centers in Jeddah

Location: Rawdah St., Near Bagedo Clinic
Mob: +966-506376426

Location: Khalidiyah Dist. Near Saudia City Compound
Mob: +966-543222231

Location: AlMurjan St.
Mob: +966-543222318

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Marcus Davis


A former professional athlete whose goal is to have a positive impact and empower people through health and fitness, he has multiple certifications, from Strength & Conditioning Specialist, to Boot Camps, to kettlebell training, and the list goes on.

Marcus’ Pro-Tip:Attaining that mental edge in life starts with having a positive attitude. The primary goal is to keep moving. Our bodies are made to be mobile and functional in all facets of life.

Mob: +966-502041804
Instagram: bootcampksa

Brendon Bantjes


A CrossFit specialist with a Sport Management Diploma, and CrossFit Level 2 and CrossFit Kids certifications, he gives classes in Arena MMA and Fitness.

Brendon’s Pick: I like the healthy options on offer at Boga (on Sultan Rd., Malik Rd., and Tahlia St.).

Brendon’s Pro-Tip: Start in the kitchen – we tend to treat ourselves a bit much here in Jeddah as it’s one of the main entertainment activities, so diet is key. Also, start your kids early – get them into training activities.

Mob: +966-540924752
WhatsApp: +27838683438
Instagram: bantjes87

Alain Edene

personal trainer jeddah

Best personal trainer jeddah. Also known as Alain the Caveman, he is a weight loss and boot camp specialist who is certified in PICP level 4, Bio signature 2, and is also a nutritional medicine profiler.

Alain’s Pro-Tip: The key is to move! Don’t over-complicate things, there isn’t a perfect workout. Walk, run, join a boot camp or a gym, do CrossFit, hire a trainer – as long as you move, you’re headed to the right direction.




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