From Dilmun, With Love

Meet Bahrain’s resident travel couple.

Sharing a deep passion for photography, traveling and cultural arts, Maryam Al Arab and Hussain Al Mosawi went on an exciting trek through Kashmir and the Indian Himalayan mountains for their honeymoon in 2012. This trip was a catalyst that transformed their lifestyle in many ways.

First, they started their travel blog in which, and through various creative mediums, they connect intimately with their readers and share stories and highlights from their trips. After a visit to the national museum in Bahrain and learning about how Bahrain’s heritage dates back for more than 10,000 years and is home to the lost empire of Dilmun, they felt compelled to name their blog “The Dilmuni Couple.”img_4156-cced

“When we came back from our honey moon we had lots of stories and experiences to share. We started digging deeper about the travel industry online, and we found different couple travel blogs from around the world like Europe, USA, Asia. Many of whom made a living out of it!”

Still, it wasn’t enough to just share their love of travel through blogging, they also organize tours for tourists and newcomers, taking them to the most unusual or hidden gems in Bahrain as a way to share their love of the country’s heritage and traditions.dsc_5534

They even expanded their scope to include Saudi Arabia and did a 12-day road trip from Bahrain all the way to Madain Saleh. Several trips and blog posts later, they received an invitation from a Qatifi local through Instagram, inviting them to see the unique locations within Qatif and Dareen.

That trip opened their eyes to a whole other world of cool sites, including the historical Abu Luwza Hamam which was built over a water spring, the Dareen airport ruins dating back to WWI in1914 and Tarout Island, complete with a historical castle and ancient homes.3

“We’re very thankful for social media platforms that allow this two-way exchange which really turns travels to even more enriching experiences,” said Al Arab.

When we asked them about what motivates them, they said it was all about stepping out of their comfort zone, trying new things and experiencing everything the world had to offer. “Sometimes it’s a pure desire to explore a place that we had only read about in books or only seen on TV.”2

Travel, in particular, had helped the couple dramatically alter the way they perceive life. “We’ve become a lot less materialistic,” said Al Arab. “We used to think that material things could bring happiness, but this new lifestyle has actually reprioritized things like getting a house or buying a car.”

For 2017, the couple are dedicating their travels towards an education in arts and culture. “It’s going to be the first time we’ll be apart,” Al Arab said. “Hussain is going on a cultural management course with Goethe Institute in Germany and I’ll be joining a “Social Change Through the Arts” program through the US embassy that tours cultural institutions around the US.”1

Finally, just when you thought they weren’t awesome enough, they’re also cultural activists and have exhibited several art and culture projects. “Through these projects, we address personal views to various social and cultural topics.”

“One of our latest exhibited works is titled ‘Matrix Memory’, where we visualize the social fabric of Bahrain through a collection of abstract images.”

In 2016 their project “Concrete Identity” won first prize at the 42nd Annual Fine Art Exhibition of Bahrain.

Instagram: dilmunicouple

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