Five Ways to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

By Mohammed Mirza

Nothing can make holidays worse than getting sick while traveling.

1. Bottled Water
If you are traveling abroad especially to developing or underdeveloped countries, remember to drink only bottled water. This can drastically reduce your chances of catching traveler’s diarrhea.

2. Wash Your Hands Frequently
This doesn’t only have to be limited to after eating or using the restroom. You may have to wash your hands more than you deem necessary. Keep a hand sanitizer in your backpack as well.

3. Carry Vitamin Supplements With You
During travel your diet significantly alters and many times you fail to meet the required intake of vitamins. So it’s always a good idea to bring vitamin upplements to help keep your immunity strong.

4. Don’t Forget to Exercise
At times during a holiday you will find yourself with loads of spare time. Use it wisely and try to fit in physical exercise by any means possible during your travel.

5. Don’t Cram Your Itinerary
At the end of the day you travel not only to discover and experience new things or places, you also use it to de-stress. And by cramming your itinerary with things to do or see, you miss out on the chance to unwind and relax. You may even end up feeling fatigued by the end of your travel.

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