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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Ethics (Or Lack of It) In the Art World

Ethics (Or Lack of It) In the Art World
By Sameera Ismail
This subject, art ethics, is relevant now more than ever before, especially in Saudi society where art is growing fast. As in the Arab gulf art scene, we need to re-educate artists with lectures and workshops and take it to schools and universities, introducing it as an art law to anyone who decides to be part of any artistic or creative field.

For some Artists, this lesson will be easy, for others it will not, as they think there is nothing wrong in doing it.

Here’s the question you should ask yourself: Is it okay to sign /or sell a copy of an Artist’s or instructor’s work and call it your own?

Beginners do not understand that what they’re doing is absolutely wrong. There’s no way to sugar coat it and for some it’s a hard pill to swallow.

Plagiarism and copyright infringement come into the discussion when someone signs or sells artwork as their own.

I’ve heard some students and Artist quote what they think are “secret ways” to getting around copyrights.
We all did it when we were young artists learning and discovering our style, and that’s OK, but the more we learn and understand art and the creative process, we should be aware and cautious .

An Artist who wants to bend or manipulate laws to benefit their status or/for money tells us something about their character.

As an artist, you create artworks you can proudly call your own.

So don’t use photos or references material you don’t have permission to use and reproduce as your own.
It will affect your reputation: personally and professionally.



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