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Ethical Shopping with Min Huna

Ethical Shopping  with Min Huna
By Zareen Muzaffar
Min Huna is a socially conscious brand that combines style, fun, fashion and ethics. Want to help society? Here’s how.Min Huna means from here in Arabic and the second meaning of the same word denotes a starting point. Min Huna is a collection of bags created exclusively for events that promote community services. Min Huna is the brainchild of two sisters, Dimah and Lama Mansour. Dimah handles the business objectives, whereas Lama manages the concept and design aspect of their ethical brand. They hope to raise community awareness towards ethical fashion and retail buying.  Lama and Dimah believe that there is room for social consciousness and ethical buying in the Saudi retail fashion, and they want to be the purveyors of such an ethical brand.“Our aim and goal is to create a collection in which Saudi culture and heritage is portrayed in a contemporary manner, in relation to modern trends,” said Lama.

The sisters created two collections so far; their annual collection, which debuted at Bisat Al Reeh bazaar in Ramadan and the latest collection, which they created exclusively for the Artlet pop up shop as part of 21,39.

Their first collection was a travel line designed with vintage Saudi stamps. The proceeds went to the home health care foundation to help patients in need. Their latest collection includes paper envelope clutches, an artistic endeavor that encourages buyers to practice their own creative style. The proceeds from sales are going to the Art Education Committee of the Saudi Art Council.

We aim to create bigger collections and in return give back to the community even more. We also aim to create a diverse line which includes both casual and high end designs. – Dimah Mansour


Location: Gold Moore Mall, Al Shatee District
Timing: 5-10 p.m. everyday, except Monday.
Mob: +966-555244098
Instagram: @min_huna



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