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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Eat, Sleep, Exercise

Eat, Sleep, Exercise
By Nadine Halabi, Clinical Dietician at IMC

All three are very much inseparable to help your child achieve and maintain good health.


Packing Healthy

Finding time to prepare interesting and healthy meals for school children can be stressful.The foods we send to  school with our children can contribute up to one-third of their daily intake of nutrients so it’s important to pack a balanced meal to ensure they are getting the nutrients they need.


Pack the Core 4

1. Main Meal Item – a sandwich, roll, wrap or salad based on grains such as pasta, rice or quinoa. Include a protein rich food item such as slices of lean meat, hardboiled egg, peanut butter, or cheese, and a starchy food such as bread, roll, pita or bun.

2. Nutritious Snack – choose a snack from the five food groups such as yogurt, veggie sticks and hummus, or crackers with cheese.

3. Piece of Fresh Fruit – whatever is in season.

4. Water – always include a water bottle. Add a reduced fat milk drink or a natural fruit juice with no added sugar once or twice a week.


Things to Remember

• It is important to keep offering healthy lunch box choices in a variety of ways.

• Encourage your child to sit and eat before heading to play, or talk to your school about making sure all children get a chance to eat enough before play starts.

• Include fruits and vegetables in your child’s lunchbox.

• Foods such as sandwiches can be prepared the night before.

NOTE: Add one extra snack for active children.


By Hala Aboulkhair, MD Associate Consultant, Sleep Medicine and Internal Medicine at IMC


Sleeping Right
Elementary school children need 10-11 hours of sleep and intermediate and high school students need 9-10 hours of sleep. With late sleeping patterns, early morning schools, numerous extracurricular activities and increasing demand from schools, it is tough for children who go to school to get the right amount of sleep.


How Inadequate Sleep Affects Your Child

1- The child may wake up anxious.It can affect his/her personality.

2- May lead to weight gain.

3- Cognitive problems that impact their ability to learn in school.


Tips for a Better Night Sleep

• No heavy meals before sleeping.
• Naps should be no longer than 30 minutes per day.
• Exercise at least for half an hour.
• Take warm showers.
• Eating a banana or drinking milk before going to bed aids sleep as they contain Tryptophan.


By Dr. Matthew A. Tracey, Director of Complementary Medicine at IMC


Exercising Daily
Developing good habits during childhood can prevent many chronic diseases as an adult. Most children these days do way too much sitting and should be encouraged to do less of it and much more exercise.

The minimum amount of exercise has been stated by most organizations to be 30 minutes per day however, our goal should not be the minimum.

We should aim much higher than this if we are to truly make a difference in the obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease problem that we are now facing.


What is ADHD?
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is common among children, with symptoms that may persist through adulthood. It is characterized by extreme impulsiveness,  hyperactivity and inattentiveness. ADHD makes it difficult to study, maintain conversations, complete tasks, or even perform daily activities well.

Some of its most common symptoms include forgetfulness, misplacing things, making careless mistakes, avoiding tasks requiring high mental activity, struggling to follow instructions, talkativeness, interrupting conversations and having trouble waiting their turn in general. Children with ADHD often face difficulties maintaining peer relationships, get  bored easily, always seem to be on the go, fidget constantly and find it hard to remain seated for prolonged periods of time.


Treatments include medications, behavioral intervention strategies and psychotherapy. However, medications are often abused when it comes to ADHD.

• Ask the teacher to provide homework assignments in writing. At home, make a written list of instructions, schedules, and routines.

• Putting things in the same place.

• Setting timers for reminders. Take breaks and then get back on track.

• Have a regular routine. Doing things in the same order makes it easier.

• Alternatives that burn off the extra energy include marital arts, swimming and outdoor activities like biking and hiking.


Different Learning Styles   
Find the style that best suits your child’s learning.

1. Visual-Spatial
They are very aware of their environments. Drawings, verbal and physical imageries help in learning.

2. Bodily-kinesthetic
They are easily taught through physical activity, hands-on learning or role-playing.

3. Musical
Turning lessons into lyrics, speaking rhythmically and tapping out time helps them learn.

  1. • Interpersonal
    Understanding and interacting with others.

• Intrapersonal
Understanding one’s own interests and goals.

5. Linguistic
They also have highly developed auditory skills and often think in words.

6. Logical-Mathematical
They think conceptually and abstractly. Grouping and classifying information helps them better understand it.


List of Centers

ACT Center
The center deals with parents, siblings and anyone who needs help inside one place.

Tel: +966-12-2615951
 Twitter: actcenterjeddah
Instagram: actcenter


Help Center
The center’s programs are divided into different departments.  They also have outside services and adaption plans to those who are unable to benefit from the day-to-day programs.

Tel: +996-12-6631113


Hope Center
Hope Center is renown for assisting with:
• Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Down and associated syndromes
• Cerebral Palsy
• Speech and Hearing Impairment
• Developmental Delay

Tel: +966-12-6996475


Jeddah Autism Center
Jeddah Center for Autism is one of the most important projects implemented by Al Faisaliah Women Welfare Society in Jeddah. The center has specialized educational programs, teacher training, social services and family counseling.

Tel: +966-12-6622513
Instagram: JeddahAutism


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