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Curio Art Supplies

By Jou Pabalate

Every artist has their medium and regardless of what your tools are, you’re sure to find them in Curio Art Supplies here in Riyadh.

A one-stop shop for creative solutions, Curio imports high end and quality materials for all aspects of art – painting, sketching, graphics, designs and more. Housing top artistry brands, you’ll find Krink, Walter Foster, Sakura, Art Bin, and Connoisseur to name a few grazing their shelves.


The Curio Art Supplies store is located on Imam Bin Abdulaziz Road and the moment you walk through their doors, you’ll immediately get the art vibe going. The staff is also very friendly and familiar with the products so they’re well equipped to assist you. Artists and anyone wanting to explore their creativity and splash their ideas on a canvas are sure to spend a good amount of their time just looking through the specialty products.


Curio isn’t just for serious artists, it’s a great place for people wanting to stir up their creativity and try their hands at crafting. There’s anime how to books, craft supplies (we found a Martha Stewart paper puncher here) and well, my personal weakness—Moleskines and Sharpies!


Prices range from reasonable to slightly overpriced, considering how difficult it can be to get your hands on some of the items— it’s understandable really.

Visit them at:

Contact them at: 01 229 0790

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