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The Corporate Wardrobe: Dos, Don’ts and the Basics

The Corporate Wardrobe: Dos, Don’ts and the Basics

There’s no use denying that what you wear defines you.

If you have a corporate or creative job, you’ve got to make sure you’re getting the clothes right. Dressing up well is not vain at all. This article will tell you all you need to know to get it right!

Why Dress Well?

  • People will judge your credibility and they will take how you present yourself into account.
  • Wearing good clothes will enhance your productivity at work.
  • People will take you seriously.
  • You may even land that promotion!
  • Most of all, it’ll show that you’re serious about work.

The Essentials for Men:

1. Shirts.

Go for cool colours like white, blue, grey or even solid colors like a deep blue, maroon, or even green. The key is to not wear something so bright that it becomes comical and distracting. Alternate the shirts you wear.

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2. Tie.

It’s essential to find a tie that matches your shirt and pants. Choose the color of your shirt first and then pick a tie of a complementing color with patterns that match the color of your shirt.

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3. Checked shirt and tie.

If you’re wearing a checked shirt go for a checked tie that follows the pattern in the other direction.

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4. Mixing patterns.

Always make sure the patterns on your shirt and tie are not the same size. Go for a larger patterned tie if your shirt is plain or has small patterns.

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5. Suits for seriousness.

If you’re a businessman then a suit is an essential for you! The trend is to wear dark suits, but shades of blue and gray look best.

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6. Blazer.

Pants, shirt and blazer goes perfectly!

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7. Jeans at the workplace?!

Not all places consider jeans appropriate, but if your workplace does then exploit this! Wearing jeans with a shirt and waistcoat looks really classy.

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8. The right shoes.

Anything from dress boats, toe oxfords, loafers and monk straps works as long as it’s polished and complements the color of your outfit. The safe choice is to wear dark brown or black shoes.

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9. Watch and Pen.

A watch and a pen are essential. Get the best you can afford, especially if you’re at a good position at the office.

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The Dos and Don’ts
  • Always get your clothes laundered in advance.
  • Update your wardrobe every few months.
  • Buy basics that you can style in different ways, like black pants or white shirts.
  • Avoid casual clothing.
  • Short sleeve shirts with tie is a no-no!
  • White socks are for school, go for darker colors.
  • Avoid bright colours and patterns that are unpleasant to look at.
  • Pay attention to your hair and beard, make sure it doesn’t look unkempt.

The Essentials for Women:

A lot of work places around the Kingdom prefer women in Abaya, but don’t let that stop you from wearing professional clothing underneath. I’ve met women who said they wore professional clothes under the abaya because of the feeling of productivity it gave them.

1. Pants.

Get tailormade pants or buy a straight cut or chinos.

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2. Long pencil skirts.

These look best for the workplace. Opt for colours like brown, gray, black, blue or even darker tones of purple and green.

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3. Blouses.

Darker colors or anything which is not sheer is the safe options. Go for dotted patterns as opposed to florals, unless it’s alright to dress up a bit at your workplace.

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4. Button up shirts.

These are a must have! Warm tones look best for office wear, along with solid colors that are not too bright or too dull. Look for textured fabrics in colours of gray, blue or even purple, and style it with darker pants or skirt. You can even wear patterns like stripes, polka dots or even geometric.

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5. Blazers and waistcoats.

These will instantly give you a more professional look.

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6. Jewellery.

Go for a statement jewellery with workplace norms in mind.

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The Dos and Don’ts
  • Avoid wearing revealing clothes, especially if you work alongside men.
  • Have your clothes laundered in advance.
  • Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or revealing.
  • Always iron your clothes or abaya in advance.
  • If you must wear abaya then don’t hesitate to wear a variety of printed, colored scarves.
  • Don’t wear ripped jeans to work!
  • Avoid bright colors and patterns.

The key to a fashionable corporate wardrobe is balancing out what you wear. You don’t want to be an eyesore and neither do you want to spend hours in front of the mirror. Wear what you find comfortable but at the same time remember that your appearance should distinguish you from others.


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