Celebrate A Harmonious Eid Al-Adha With Radiant Perlée Creations

SE_04- Travail du serti grain. / Bead setting work.

Exploring jewelry for Eid Al-Adha with Van Cleef & Arpels’ timeless and playful Perlée collection reinforces the possibility of mixing and matching for a gleaming composition.

Van Cleef & Arpels’ Perlee novelties are extraordinary Eid gifts as they are steeped in Maison’s heritage of craftsmanship and elegance. Eid is known as a time to celebrate harmonious togetherness, a sentiment that Van Cleef & Arpels has already embodied through its distinctive and enchanting creations. Perlée’s motifs, the gold pearls, convey a feminine appearance that evokes an optimistic outlook on life, making it the ideal way to commemorate this year’s Eid for every woman.

bracVan Cleef & Arpels, has maintained its sparkling and joyful spirit by extending its message of harmony with its six radiant and refined Perlée creations for Eid Al-Adha’s special gifting. The new creations include three Perlée sweet clovers bracelets, along with many rings. The timeless Perlée creations elevate special occasions, exuding elegance and diversification of styles with their delicately crafted and intricately polished creations.

ringThese creations are available in rose gold, white, and yellow, as a continuation of the collection’s rounded aesthetic. The novelties are influenced by the aesthetic of the original Perlée clovers made in a “sweet” version filled with deep refinement and outlined with the contour of golden beads. For the first time, the gleaming ribbon is accentuated with 10 clover designs on the bracelet and five on the ring. The motifs are subtly blended into the sculpture, creating an interplay of light and shine. The bracelets whirl around the wrist when worn in pairs or threes, while the rings follow the movements of the hand with a soft shine. The curves of the golden beads and the radiance of the diamonds never fail to make a statement.

60148_387508_retouche-copyPersonalize Your Style with Perlée

The new sweet clovers novelties can be styled with a variety of other Perlée creations, establishing the groundwork for unique and personal adornment. The varied hues of Perlée pearls of gold rings and bracelets in a range of colors – rose gold, yellow, and white flourish with their joyous sparkle. The enchanting pieces combined with the Perlée diamonds collection produce an exquisite range of variations for daytime or evening illumination.

Jo1- Travail sur la strucutre en or. / Jewelry work on the gold structure.

Jo1- Travail sur la strucutre en or. / Jewelry work on the gold structure.

The Perlée designs carry a hundred-year legacy of excellence and craftsmanship, from delicate forms and vibrant hues to vivid sparkles and poetic crafts. The timeless collection resonates with the values of Eid Al-Adha, bringing alive the qualities and attributes women are looking for. These qualities are reflected through the gleaming gold that reminds women of unity, togetherness, positivity, and love, making it the ideal Eid gift.vca_ambiance_perlee_sweet_clover_01e-vert-copy

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