Cath Kidston

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By Jou Pabalate

Patterns, prints and other pretty little things have sprung up on Olaya St, thanks to Cath Kidston. The London based brand is known for providing complete lines in the same pattern for dainty ladies who like matching every aspect in their lives.

The design of the store is eye candy on its own; with floral wallpapers and bulbs hanging down from the high ceilings. We love the typewriters and old London post boxes on the walls, it just adds to the character of the space.


Our favorite finds in the store were the omnibus and fire truck printed bags. A friend of ours picked up one of the short dresses with clock prints. There’s a retro feel to the designs. From teapots, to toiletries, robes, pens, to cloud patterned Gola shoes and floral print dresses with matching bags and scarves, the place has something for “vintage-ish” loving gals.


The prices are a bit on the higher scale, with bags averaging between SR 180 to SR 600. Prepare to choke up SR 25 for an ID lace or SR 195 for teapot and cup. But still, people who would like to add a British flair in their wardrobe and cute trinkets would have fun adding this to their shopping route.



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