Boucheron Unveils La Maison

An immersive and stunning jewelry experience.

Maison Boucheron is hosting La Maison, a jewelry experience in Riyadh from 5 to 7 October at the Lakum Artspace, a creative space where fashion, design, art, and gastronomy come together to create a new look for the home of the heirloom jewelry industry.

The 26, place Vendôme is Boucheron’s private mansion – is designed to feel like home. The Animaux de collection and Nature creations will be displayed in the area.


Visitors are invited to simply sip a coffee and taste a selection of French pastries.

La Maison Boucheron chose the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to host its first edition of the La Maison event in GCC. The brand’s CEO Hélène Poulit-Duquesne explains why the Middle East is a crucial region for business-wise.

Adding, “We operate right at the very top of the market, selling to highly educated and savvy collectors. We are also very proud of our local clientele because they are those who most likely have the best understanding of the Maison, its values, and its personality.”

This is Boucheron’s first event in Saudi Arabia, and it is an immersive and interactive experience of the world of the Maison. Digital animations augmented reality try-on sessions, and other surprises provide an interactive experience. Style, innovation, heritage, and French art de Vivre are on show throughout this phygital journey (physical plus digital)photo-2021-10-06-09-40-47-4

Before the visit, guests are invited to access a minisite on their phones and answer a few questions regarding their tastes and personality. At the end of the questionnaire, they will receive a personal QR code to scan during the physical experience.

The Maison’s creativity has always been guided by the freedom to wear. It seems then natural to allow visitors to discover Boucheron’s Fall-Winter novelties in a cozy styling room. The Maison does not impose but proposes – and encourages everyone to invent their own style.

The visitors will be able to scan their QR codes to interact with Boucheron’s online store. On this mirror arch, they will enjoy a personalized jewelry selection and can share this recommendation on social

All those who visit will be able to try on pieces from the brand’s new High Jewelry collection Histoire de Style, Art Déco. For this collection, Claire Choisne delved into the Art Deco archives and extracted the purity of the lines and the radical simplicity.

A collection of Art Deco pieces, including a diamond-enamel arm bracelet from 1920 and a platinum wristwatch from 1929, will also be on display.

Revealed for the first time in Saudi Arabia, they attest to Maison’s exceptional know-how and creativity during this

Boucheron is engaged in a constant quest for new technical, artistic, and aesthetic processes. It has been designing new forms of jewelry by creating daring ways of wearing it and introducing unusual materials, all of which have made an enduring impact on the history of French jewelry.

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