Beyond Beauty: Manna Center

“I have no reason to fear failure or competition. Business is risky, you have to be able to stand the heat. Also, there’s enough money and success for everyone. No one can take away from me what is destined to be mine.” Manna Redwan

Manna center started small, with only three staff members and Manna Redwan, the founder, as manager. Today, it has around 200 employees and an undisputed reputation spanning 17 years in Jeddah’s beauty center landscape. Their success is no surprise, for growth is the inevitable result of diligence and an unrelenting abidance by firmly established values and core beliefs.3w7a8474

As CEO of this ever-growing enterprise, Manna firmly believes that the secret to establishing and maintaining a successful business is a combination of God’s blessings and aiming for mastery. Driven by passion, and after gaining much experience from running previous beauty-related businesses, Manna’s mantra is to invest in the quality of services because that pays off. Working with architects to annex a building to the once small-scale salon for an expansion, furnishing it with good quality and durable furniture, hiring very talented coiffeurs, makeup artists, and massage therapists, applying some of the best sanitation protocols and standards, and providing clients with amenities that enhance their overall experience makes Manna Center what it is today – your one-stop parlor for a gratifying day of pampering.3w7a8465-copy

Besides the entrepreneurship, Manna is a loving mother and leader. “Give love and you will receive love,” as she always says. She is admired, revered, and is highly regarded by all her employees.

3w7a8469-copyIt’s one big family, and staff members often find it easy to reach out to her for advice, guidance, and help. “To give me a hundred and one percent at work, they have to have some peace of mind in the other aspects of their lives. That’s why it is important to support them in whatever way possible and create a safe and convenient atmosphere for them.”3w7a8471-copy

Manna also ensures that her employees receive periodic training and attend workshops so that there’s progress career-wise. “Mrs. Manna is an inspiration – she is successful, believes in people, makes us feel proud of what we do, and teaches us that nothing is impossible. She is determined, detail-oriented, kind-hearted, down-to-earth, and a mother to all of us,” says one of her employees.3w7a8467-copy

There are some challenges when running a beauty parlor. From obtaining permits from the municipality and finding talented artists, to maintaining high standards and staying ahead of competition, Manna stands in the face of obstacles armed with courage and faith. 3w7a8478-copy

Manna Center is well-known for their exceptional mani-pedis. The center also hosts a variety of themed events; you can spend quality time with your little princess and enjoy a special mother-daughter day on the first Saturday of every month when it’s “Kids Day”. Inspired by a touching true story about one of their employees who battled breast cancer, the salon donates hair to charity organizations that make wigs for empowering cancer patients who have lost their hair to chemotherapy.

Manna Center represents beauty for a cause and beauty inside out. When you’re up for a spoiling, you’re in for an unparalleled experience at Manna Center. There’s nothing a fresh haircut or a soothing massage can’t fix. Get your fix today!

Location: Abdullah Aba Al Khayl St., Khalidiyyah Dist., Jeddah
Instagram: mannacenter

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