Bargain gems hidden in Jeddah’s shopping scene

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Do you love shopping, but worry about breaking budget? Do you wish you could spend less, but buy more? Do you feel guilty about all the high price tags you’ve surrendered to?

the best cheap shopping in jeddah

We’re going to try and help you be rid of this guilt, while STILL spending money.

Here’s an inside scoop on the best cheap shopping in jeddah


1. Mojama’a Al Sharg (Macarona Street):

cheap clothes in jeddah  It is “the place” if you are looking for good abaya deals – good quality with a cheaper price tag; usually between SR 100 – 300. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can easily cross the road and visit their well-known fabric stores and request a tailoring with a design of your choice – again at a good price.

If you’re more of a hair products’ fanatic, you can pop into Nazih, which offers a great variety of imported and Nazih brand products.

Walking along, you’ll also come across makeup outlets and SR 1 – 5 stores that have almost everything and anything.

Photo Credit: MawakebAlajer

Photo Credit: MawakebAlajer

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2. Mawakeb Al Ajer (Al Khalediya District):

Shop for new and second-hand books, furniture, toys, designer bags, homeware, bridal gowns for rent, shoes and more at this one-of-a-kind hotspot. The good news is that, all the money you spend goes towards a good cause; all proceedings go to Aytam Al Taif, and what a better way to

3. Al Sawareekh (Downtown District):

Located downtown, past Al Balad, you can find anything and everything related to homes; furniture, curtains, A/Cs, fridges, ovens, etc. Mind you, they can be brand new or second-hand, depending on what you are looking for. I would suggest taking someone who has been before with you, just to avoid being mugged with sky high prices by shop owners.

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4. Souq Al Shate’e (Al Zahra District):

The hunt for good abayas is never-ending. This souq has numerous shops, dedicated to selling a range of well-priced abayas, furniture, curtains, makeup and books. How well you do, depends on your haggling skills; don’t be shy, everyone does it.

Many people go there especially for the “spice dealer” shops. You can find all sorts of herbs, oils, spices, natural body creams and hair treatments.

5. Top 10 (several branches):

Top 10 is a bargain high street shop where you can buy clothing at a very low price. It is extremely convenient if you are looking for practical comfy clothes. Shopping here should leave you feeling guilt-free.

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6. Red Tag (several branches):

This store chain offers affordable clothing, for all members of the family. You might need to squeeze between railings, looking for the hidden gems. They have branches in Al Faisaliya, Andalus Mall, Red sea Mall and Jamjoom center, they are definitely worth a look or two.

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7. STEPS (several branches):

A shoes’ chain store, with branches in Al Faisaliya and Al Hamra District, they specialize in providing cheap and affordable, but sturdy shoes for every occasion; sandals, everyday flipflops and ballet shoes.

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8. Al Haram (Prince Sultan Street):

This clothes store, dedicates several floors filled with rails to affordable clothing. Here you can find anything from basics to loungewear, to jeans and leggings.

9. Mahmoud Saeed (Al Faisaliya):

Mahmoud Saeed is a leading force in the furniture industry. They have rightfully gained a reputation for providing affordable yet high quality furniture. You can easily find bed sets, sofas and closets, to name a few examples. The biggest plus, is you will find delivery boys all over the area, who charge upto SR 50 to take your orders and purchases straight to your home.

10. (website):

This website consists of classified listings categorized by location. So you’ll specify your location and then select the item class, for example; homeware, furniture, electronics, home appliances, etc. Most of these items are being sold at cheap prices; and usually sellers upload pictures to accompany a description which includes a contact number for arranging a viewing.

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