Review: Flourish Bakery

Carbs of Goodness.

Go for: the sourdough loaves. Eat them fresh or toasted with lashings of butter.
Try: the almond croissant, which is an equal to any Parisian offering.

Although the focus at Flourish might be on high-quality bread, it’s the counter of croissants and tarts that keeps customers coming back to this tiny, French-styled bakery.file6

At first glance, Flourish seems to be another drab, anonymous shopfront in Qurtubah Plaza. But behind the standard issue façade is a thoughtfully executed modern-rustic interior and a dizzying array of baked goods. It’s the kind of place that would be equally at home in Provence or Paris, and the products on offer are a testament to that.file5

The bread cabinet is piled high with boules, baguettes, and bagels in a variety of grain and wheat types, meaning carb lovers are spoilt for choice. If you’re after a loaf of rye sourdough or perhaps a poppy seed bagel, Flourish has you covered. There’s also an assortment of brown and white sandwich loaves for lunchboxes, and there’s always a bargain to be found in yesterday’s breadbasket.file3

If it’s a treat you’re after, Flourish doesn’t disappoint. Take your pick from an array of tiny, jewel-like tarts in flavors such as lemon, pistachio, date, and chocolate. If the small sizes don’t quite cut it, the large tarts go for a very reasonable SR85 and are big enough to feed the whole family.file1

Given the French-inspired interior, it is only fitting that we try one of the four croissants on offer. We elect for the almond croissant, which is every bit as good as the any you might find in Paris. The pastry is flaky and slightly crispy on the outside, and the soft, buttery interior is everything a croissant should be. The frangipane filling is used subtly, allowing the pastry to shine.file

Flourish Bakery is an incredible find in this unassuming corner of the city, and well worth the drive to Qurtubah.

Flourish Bakery, Qurtubah Plaza, Qurtubah, 13245
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Jolt Coffee

New cafe packs a punchy espresso.

With a team of baristas churning out espresso faster that you can say “double shot”, Jolt is fast becoming Riyadh’s most popular spot for all things coffee-related.29526815_10214677826872995_2057737958_o

With a slick fit-out that includes polished concrete walls, an exposed ceiling and more seating options than you can poke a porta filter at, Jolt is a modern, caffeinated haven.

Whether you simply need a quick fix, or you want to linger over your latte, Jolt’s got you covered.29749082_10214677826832994_2038705510_o

With the food menu limited to a few sweet treats, the coffee is the hero at Jolt, resulting in a smooth, nutty espresso that gives just the right amount of punch without any bitterness. Do yourself a favor and order the iced latte; it’s a double shot dream that will be a sure-fire hit come summertime.29526701_10214677826952997_1938347161_o

If you like you’re a side of sweetness with your caffeine fix, be sure to order one of Jolt’s famous flavored lattes. A word of warning, the Saudi latte and Pistachio latte are so popular they often sell out, so get in early!

Go for: The Iced Latte – nothing added, nothing taken away.
Try: one of the mini croissants, you know you want to!
Enjoy: the cool interior and sophisticated vibe.

Location: Prince Turki ibn Abdulaziz Al Awwal Rd., Al Mohammadiyah, Riyadh 12362