Jolt Coffee

New cafe packs a punchy espresso.

With a team of baristas churning out espresso faster that you can say “double shot”, Jolt is fast becoming Riyadh’s most popular spot for all things coffee-related.29526815_10214677826872995_2057737958_o

With a slick fit-out that includes polished concrete walls, an exposed ceiling and more seating options than you can poke a porta filter at, Jolt is a modern, caffeinated haven.

Whether you simply need a quick fix, or you want to linger over your latte, Jolt’s got you covered.29749082_10214677826832994_2038705510_o

With the food menu limited to a few sweet treats, the coffee is the hero at Jolt, resulting in a smooth, nutty espresso that gives just the right amount of punch without any bitterness. Do yourself a favor and order the iced latte; it’s a double shot dream that will be a sure-fire hit come summertime.29526701_10214677826952997_1938347161_o

If you like you’re a side of sweetness with your caffeine fix, be sure to order one of Jolt’s famous flavored lattes. A word of warning, the Saudi latte and Pistachio latte are so popular they often sell out, so get in early!

Go for: The Iced Latte – nothing added, nothing taken away.
Try: one of the mini croissants, you know you want to!
Enjoy: the cool interior and sophisticated vibe.

Location: Prince Turki ibn Abdulaziz Al Awwal Rd., Al Mohammadiyah, Riyadh 12362

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