NaughtOne Presents: A Reintroduction

NaughtOne Launches Compelling Rebrand, Strengthening the Brand’s Core Message: Absolute Simplicity Leads to Infinite Possibility.

In binary code, only two numbers are needed to unlock the bounds of possibility – zero (“naught”) and one. The foundation of the digital world hinges on the concept that the right pattern of zeros and ones can accomplish anything. Design brand “NaughtOne” was founded to represent just that— by offering simple yet specific ingredients lead to a realm of infinite possibilities. Today, after nearly two decades of design, problem solving and innovation, NaughtOne has unveiled its latest project celebrating that concept–this time though, the project was the brand itself.

The irony of simplicity is that it’s actually quite complex,” says Nadean McNaught, Managing Director at NaughtOne. “To design something—a space, a product, an approach—that demonstrates ‘less is more’ usually requires incredible insight, refinement, and conviction. The beauty of this dichotomy is what energizes us to show through our brand how purposeful simplicity can result in creative freedom spaces need. Given NaughtOne’s continued growth and expansion over the last few years, we thought it was the perfect time to refresh our brand and reimagine that belief in new and exciting ways—the landscape has changed a lot over the past 17 years.”

To better highlight the origins and inspiration of the company name, the brand is updating the previous name “naughtone” to “NaughtOne” and adding a new logo (“O/1”). Over the coming months, further updates will include a complete overhaul of the NaughtOne website, social channels, packaging, brand standards, sales materials, approach to creative direction and more.nto_penny_sweep_tier_7

“We are thrilled about all of it—but especially the logo,” says McNaught. “The logo was born from our desire to further amplify the vision and goals of NaughtOne. We wanted to provide a fresh symbol that highlights the conversation around why we exist and represents what we mean to the design world.”

Since its founding in 2005, NaughtOne has designed and manufactured beautifully simple furniture that is fundamentally versatile. Every idea, decision, and final product is centered on a genuine desire to connect people in meaningful ways, simply. The original collection began with products such as Hush and Trace and has now expanded to a portfolio of more than 46 products that includes tables, sofas, booths, loungers and more.

In 2019, NaughtOne officially became a full member of the family of brands at Herman Miller, subsequently joining the MillerKnoll collective in 2021. Over the last 17 years, NaughtOne has expanded to become a globally recognized brand, while still maintaining the friendly, approachable nature NaughtOne was born from. Maintaining accessibility, while continuing to expand globally is a key component of the rebrand.

“One of the earliest hallmarks of our brand was our presentation of British sensibility within the realm design— an openness to experiment, solving functional human needs with a creative twist,” says McNaught. “We loved seeing how our brand’s playfulness, small beginnings, brightness, and ingenuity resonated across the world. With our updated approach to the NaughtOne brand, we can both represent that original philosophy while better incorporating some of the exciting ways we’ve matured as a brand over the last several years of expansion and growth.”

Further highlighted in the rebrand is NaughtOne’s continued commitment to the earth. From the brand’s earliest days, sustainability has been prioritized throughout every step of the design process, beginning with creating products designed for longevity while minimizing the amount of materials needed. This mindset led to the development of NaughtOne’s take back program, product sourcing requirements, and most recently, the brand’s approach to circularity, especially as it relates to experimenting in the prototype phase of product development to ensure end of life recycling is as easy as possible years later.

Currently available for commercial environments, NaughtOne’s portfolio can be found in workplaces, hotels, universities, airport lounges and a variety of multi-use spaces worldwide. For a updates on NaughtOne’s rebrand, be sure to visit

NaughtOne products are on display at the Herman Miller showroom in Dubai Marina.


Herman Miller Aims to Reduce Carbon Footprint by 50% to Help Improve the Health of Our Planet

Herman Miller recently announced new sustainability goals for 2030 as part of the MillerKnoll collective of brands. The goals are targeted at reducing the company’s carbon footprint, designing out waste, and sourcing better materials. 

Climate change is one of the biggest global issues facing humanity. As part of the goals, the company plans to reduce the carbon footprint from its products and operations by 50% and aim to reduce the carbon footprint of its suppliers.

For close to 150 years, the world has relied on fossil fuels to power our economy.  Across the globe, carbon emission is disrupting the delicate balance that keeps our planet at a temperature that’s just right for every living thing.

One way Herman Miller is working to limit the impact of climate change is by decarbonizing its products and operations and investing in renewable energy.

Recycled content has the added benefit of also reducing the carbon footprint. Also include in its sustainability goals, the company aims to source better materials by using 50% or more recycled content and purchasing materials that are responsibly and sustainably produced.

Using materials that are grown instead of extracted like wood, cotton, wool, leather or biobased materials that are harvested responsibly helps to ensure that they are sourced with the environment in mind. aeron-onyx-ultra-matte-side-credit-herman-miller

Stacy Stewart, Regional Director MEA at Herman Miller said, Designing new products with the environment top of mind is critically important. Single-use materials are overwhelming our ecosystems. At Herman Miller, we’re continuously moving away from materials that are derived from fossil fuels and encouraging and educating our designers to take the same approach. We have re-engineered Aeron with components made from ocean-bound plastic, and we are including recycled materials in many other products and packaging solutions.” 

As one brand within the MillerKnoll collective, Herman Miller aims for zero waste and is constantly working to reuse and recycle materials. This includes landfill, air emissions and water use. It also includes eliminating single use plastic packaging globally. They have reduced single-use materials in packaging by over 30% and are on track for further reduction. Herman Miller also introduced a textile collection made from 100% recycled content to support sustainable material innovation. Additionally, the 100-year-old company has a Sustainability Resource Team that consists of associates engaged in sustainability efforts.

“If you can imagine a factory, where everything that comes in is safe for people and the environment, where our buildings are powered with renewable energy, and the only thing that leaves our factories is finished products — packaged without single use plastic. That’s what we are working toward, said Stewart.”


What Are the Mobile Preferences of the Viewers in KSA During the FIFA World Cup 2022?

There are only a few days left until the 2022 edition of the FIFA World Cup, which football fans around the world eagerly wait for and become the sole focus of every four years.

For the tournament to be held in Qatar for the first time, not only football and sports fans but also all spectators eagerly await who will be the new champion. With the first whistleblowing on November 20, the tournament will start with the match between the host Qatar and Ecuador. The whole world will watch the struggle of 32 countries to be the best in the world. While the audience can’t wait to watch the matches from different screens, brands are making plans on how to capture their target audiences through certain channels.

Digital Turbine conducted World Cup Research to understand and analyze the behavior and preferences of viewers in KSA during the World Cup, as well as how brands can interact with consumers, and the results once again demonstrate the unstoppable power of mobile.

While 58% of the respondents stated that they will watch the World Cup on TV, the rate of those who say that they will follow the KSA’s journey in the tournament on their smartphones is 55%. While 47% of the respondents said that they will follow the tournament from their homes, 26% report that they will follow the tournament live from stadiums in Qatar. In addition, 60% of the respondents stated that they watch soccer broadcasts at least every week, proving once again that football is one of the most popular sports in KSA.


We can say that the applications that we frequently use on our mobile devices are taking a different form in this period compared to the process we are in. While 57% of the respondents stated that they spend more time in sports applications during the World Cup and similar tournaments.

In terms of apps, 24% of the participants state that they will spend most of their time on sports news apps while watching the World Cup, 23% on social media apps, 16% on sports mobile game apps, and 16% on messaging apps. In addition, it is one of the most important pieces of research that 86% of users state that it is important to follow the World Cup from more than one device.

During such a large and global tournament, it is more important than ever for brands to capture their target audience. While 66% of the respondents stated that they are likely to look up an ad that aired during the World Cup and even watch it again. 80% stated that they would consider purchasing the product they saw in the advertisement. 36% of them state that they can buy the product within 2-3 days after seeing the advertisement.

One of the most important issues that brands should pay attention to here is to meet the expectations of users from advertisements. 59% of respondents think it’s important for ads they see during the World Cup to be funny, while 40% think it is important to be emotional/heartwarming.

As a result, the research seems to be creating huge targeting options for advertisers and brands of the World Cup era on mobile channels, which could also increase their product sales or brand awareness. If the ad is funny and creative, it raises viewers’ interest in a product they’ve seen advertised and brings them closer to purchasing.

Viewers and Mobile Usage click here

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Herman Miller & Studio 7.5 Introduce a New Office Chair

Zeph Offers a Colourful, Customisable, and Ergonomic Solution Fit for Any Space.

Herman Miller, the global leader in innovative design and furnishing solutions and a part of the MillerKnoll collective, today announced that the legendary partnership which has captivated the design world with the Cosm, Mirra and Setu chairs is back. Design firm Studio 7.5 and Herman Miller have teamed up once again to unveil their latest collaboration, the Zeph Chair.

As people across the globe continue to settle into new ways of working, many will continue to need products in both homes and office environments that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are purposeful.


“Zeph marks the introduction of a chair tailored to our new ways of working. It’s an elegant, customizable, and colorful addition to Herman Miller’s market-leading portfolio of high-performance seating,” says Ben Watson, President, of Herman Miller.

Zeph aims to bridge the gap between Herman Miller’s iconic mid-century designs and the ergonomics of today’s office chairs. The result is an accessible design that doesn’t compromise comfort or style.

With its slim profile and an easy-to-adjust design, users will find Zeph a colorful companion capable of supporting a variety of needs while seamlessly incorporating itself into the scenery of any room. Its versatility easily translates into traditional office settings, providing architects, designers, and consumers with a refreshing and flexible choice.


The Design

Zeph’s clean and uninterrupted silhouette is intentional. However, customers shouldn’t be deceived by its simple, organic appearance. Under the seat lies hidden technology designed to deliver a seamless ergonomic experience that leverages human-centered motion. This allows Zeph to create a natural, fluid motion that works for all body types.

“Our ambition was to create an animated shell chair. What first sounds like a contradiction became possible by utilizing the inherent materiality of plastic: being flexible and capable of providing a spring-loaded mechanism. Zeph’s joyful aesthetics provides surprising ergonomic benefits too.” said Burkhard Schmitz, who helms Studio 7.5 with Carola Zwick and her brother Roland Zwick.

After many iterations of 3-D printed prototypes, Studio 7.5 perfected a one-piece seat and back that actually moves with the person sitting in it. While most chairs are static, the kinematic plastic mono shell on Zeph offers a natural recline that uses the sitter’s pivot points to create the right counterbalance and change posture seamlessly.

The expansive color palette also took inspiration from the past. “One of the things we wanted to pick up from Herman Miller’s mid-century era was the optimistic and delightful idea of the future. We wanted Zeph to be playful and happy,” adds Zwick. The palette or “the crayon box,” as Studio 7.5 says, is intended to be inviting for a variety of tastes, and to let users have some fun.

The uniform hue design, achieved by pioneering dipped-in color options, was first introduced to Herman Miller by Studio 7.5 through the launch of the Cosm chair. Through this process, color is applied purposefully to the entire chair, all the way down to the casters, accentuating the sculptural beauty of its form.


3-D Knit Technology

In addition to the bright, dipped-in color options available for the chair, every Zeph shell can be further customized through the addition of upholstery, either as a seat pad or a unibody (which covers the entire front of the shell).

The unique construction of this upholstery is a first for Herman Miller. The upholstery can easily be mounted and replaced without tools for easy cleaning or to swap different colors, and it utilizes revolutionary 3-D knit technology, with each seat option made of 50% recycled polyester yarn — offering sophisticated color choices and cushioned comfort.

“As professionals enter a new era of empowerment and flexibility, Herman Miller is responding in kind with Zeph — a design that can continue to be customized even after it’s left our care,” adds Watson. “Between colors, shell choices, and texture options, Zeph is a thoughtfully designed solution fit for any life or space.”



Zeph is available in eight distinct colors with 20 seat pad upholstery options. The unibody upholstery options will be available later this year. A side chair version of Zeph with the same kinematic mono shell will also be introduced early next year. Zeph is now available for contract clients at specific business pricing via an authorized Herman Miller or MillerKnoll dealer. Zeph will also be available to purchase through Herman Miller’s retail locations across the globe in August.


Men’s Body Image Anxiety Can Be Trimmed

In a clean cut from the past, the perception of beauty and personal grooming products being the exclusive domains of women has been sheared.

Men have extensively joined the race to not only look presentable, but also reap the benefits of serious grooming and personal hygiene with body hair trimmers, spray perfumes, nail kits, skin care and much more. This is a global trend, and the Middle East is not an exception.

While the zeal to look good is fair, the pressure to do so is causing anxiety and stress contributing to body image issues in men. Unrealistic media messaging, social media hypes, dispersal of celebrity profile images, fashion trends and job market demands are all conducive factors. The COVID-19 pandemic has further heated up the challenge. But not all’s lost and there’s no need for men to feel left out without adequate support.

Dylan Chou, the General Manager for Meridian said, “Male body image in the superhero era is applied to men’s worth which is unattainable and unrealistic. Your body image is how you think and feel about your body through thoughts, perceptions, imagination, and emotions. While Meridian supports the foundation of men’s well being, grooming, and hygiene routine with high-quality, easy-to-use self care products, we encourage men to create healthier focus and standards on how to love yourself and your body when stress and anxiety hit.”


Eating Disorders + Exercise Male body image issues can lead to eating disorders and exercise addiction. Many experts believe that around one third of people with eating disorders globally are male and under reported due to stigma. Steroid abuse in young men, elite athletes, competitive bodybuilders, men who train with weights, and security guards are some of the male groups most at risk of using performance and image enhancing drugs to promote muscle growth or reduce body fat.

If you work out even when you’re sick or injured and feel anxious if you can’t exercise, or exhibit similar other traits, chances are you need professional support to get to the root of your mental health issues. Also, if you regularly binge eat or excessively restrict food intake, seek guidance from a therapist who specialises in male eating disorders.

Tackling With Therapy Statistics show that only about one-third of people in therapy in the United States are men, even as men are three times more likely than women to commit suicide. Men deserve support when mental health issues hit. Seeking help is a sign of courage and strength. Right support can surely help.

Clear-cut Hope

Young men in the Gulf region are particularly impacted by the global society-influenced need for aesthetically appealing looks. The latest edition of Beauty World Middle East, the Arab world’s largest international beauty and wellness trade fair in Dubai, spotlighted the region’s rapidly maturing male grooming market, which Euro monitor International forecasts will achieve compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5 per cent by 2025. The GCC men’s grooming market is valued at $1.1 billion in an industry projected to be worth $12 billion by this year end. Overcoming negative body image and mental health issues are manageable with adequate help. The relationship between men and body image is more complex than ever, but affordable resources have never been more widely accessible. If you’re struggling with your body image or your relationship to food, reach out. Therapy, support groups, and supportive friends and family can be a lifeline as you work to heal. After all, there’s nothing like winning, feeling fresh, smelling better, and letting compliments roll in.


Herman Miller Brings Freedom and Flexibility to the Workspace with Byne System

This five-in-one workstation answers the needs of organizations navigating change.

This month, Herman Miller launched Byne System™, a highly configurable workstation that supports change as it happens.

Byne System™ is our response to the realities of the modern workplace, as well as the needs of organizations dealing with change. Merging five products in one, Byne System™ is a highly configurable workstation that offers endless configuration opportunities. It brings all the best elements of four of Herman Miller’s best-loved workstations – Imagines, Optimis, Layout, and Arras® – together with a new wooden leg style, Sylvain.

Stacy Stewart, Regional Director MEA at Herman Miller, “Through our research, Herman Miller realized the value of office furniture that can adapt in the face of changing rules, regulations, safety needs, as well as fluctuating project and team needs. There was also growing demand for customization from our clients, and we believe Byne System brings that freedom and flexibility to the Workspace.”


Byne System™ begins with a robust base framework, with universal beams supporting the undercarriage. Users can build on this base with one of five leg options, from the minimalist Optimis to the elegance of Sylvain. Next, users can choose their work surface, combining Layout’s legs with the Arras® worktop, for example, or they could mix the Optimis leg with Layout’s work surface.

By giving organizations the freedom to choose everything from the legs and worktop to materials, finishes, screen types, and tabletop set-up, Byne System™ supports maximum freedom when it comes to office planning and activities. This makes it ideal for traditional offices, open-plan collaborative spaces, and semi-open spaces alike; and for organizations both large and small.


Byne System™ can even be configured in multiple ways within the same workspace. By mixing and matching different leg and table options, Byne System™ can be tailored to support a host of different workplace activities, from solo focus work to interactive settings designed to foster collaboration and creativity.

Providing added flexibility is the toolbar, which works across all Byne System™ products. Raised above the work surface, the toolbar keeps desk surfaces clean, while supporting screens, accessories, smartphones, and more. Byne System™ also caters to current and future power needs, with thoughtfully positioned power channels and plenty of space for additional cables.

As well as answering the need for flexible, customizable furniture, Byne System™ was designed in response to another organizational need: the need for speedy office solutions that support workplace change as it happens. Based on existing systems and modular by nature, Byne System meets this need by streamlining the ordering and specifying process. It’s also easy to assemble and quick to install. Naturally agile, this five-in-one workstation is the perfect choice for organizations dealing with rapidly changing market conditions.


Play Cupid for the Day with a Meridian Grooming EGift Card for Men this Valentine

Globally renowned men’s grooming and personal care brand, Meridian offers a great selection of grooming products for body hair removal and hygiene below the neck.

Shop Meridian Digital Gift Cards online for that special husband, boyfriend, or best friend and all men can choose the perfect Valentine gift for themselves on Meridian’s website.


Meridian’s premium, innovative body hair Trimmer featuring high-end design offers a smooth gliding experience to maneuver around bodily contours with no nicks or snags. With low vibration for comfort, The Trimmer’s waterproof and ergonomic grip feature is designed to ensure easier handling even when wet, for better control during use, in or out of the shower, or even on dry skin.


Meridian’s Trimmer is different from other electric trimmers on the market because it is primarily a full-body grooming tool, not just another piece of electronics. The Trimmer is easier to use and looks better on a man’s bathroom shelf compared to other brands men may have seen in the past.

Meridian’s Trimmer is high-powered, rechargeable, and available in two colors—Onyx and Sage. It includes two adjustable guide combs (3-6mm, 9-12mm) for personalization and its accessories include a cleaning brush, USB charger, charging light indicators, and 90 minutes of trimming time on a full charge. Its reliable, rust-proof, and replaceable ceramic blades enable smoother trimming for optimal performance and hygiene. The Trimmer’s precision blades are designed for a seamless fit that allows men to trim their body hair without cutting, tugging, or irritating the skin.


Justine Stefanou, Brand Director for Meridian said, “Meridian is the essential foundation of any men’s grooming routine. The Trimmer is Meridian’s current high-quality, easy-to-use hero product that avoids ingrown hairs and razor burns which is why it is a recommended alternative to shaving. It’s one of the best go-to gifts for men in the Middle East for Valentine’s Day.”

Meridian’s classic bundles all include the waterproof Trimmer paired with an array of self-care products to help men save money on a full grooming routine. The Starter Package includes a Replacement Blade, The Complete package includes The Spray, and The Maintenance Package includes The Spray and Two Replacement Blades.


Stefanou added, “Meridian products improve men’s wellbeing, grooming, and hygiene. Our versatile products combine high-end technology with a sleek design for more comfortable hair removal that makes you feel more confidence in your body. Bundles offer full self-care experiences in the comfort of your own home. eGift cards are the best way to help your man shop for quality goods for himself.”

It’s the perfect gift that showcases modesty, luxury, and romance. This Valentine’s, surprise that special someone the eGift card for a full grooming experience from Meridian.

For more information on Meridian’s products, please visit


YouGotaGift Receives the Region’s First PCI-DSS Accreditation for eGift Cards

YouGotaGift has received the region’s first PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance certification for eGift Cards, cementing its position as the leading eGift Card distributor in the Middle-East.

The PCI-DSS accreditation is an endorsement of the security of transactions and customer data, ensuring that customers using Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and other credit and debit cards are assured of secure transactions.

The pandemic quickened the pace towards digital payments which in turn accelerated the demand for online payment security. Insights from a report cited security as the most important aspect of an online experience for customers, with 55% saying it was their top priority. The younger demographic – the under 40s – nearly half (49%) said they were now more concerned about fraud than they were before the pandemic began. Consumers are most concerned about protecting their financial data online, suggesting this is their biggest concern.husain-makiya-ceo-founder

“The population in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is digitally savvy and very conscious about the security of online transactions. It was therefore imperative that we addressed these concerns and offer trust and confidence in our platforms to both our consumers and businesses. Becoming PCI-DSS certified demonstrates our understanding and flexibility to localize as per the needs of our users in the Kingdom. They demand and deserve nothing less than the highest standards and we will do our best to meet and exceed those expectations at all times. We are proud to be taking the lead for secure online payments in the e-gifting space in the Kingdom,” said Ehab AL Khiary Senior Director of YouGotaGift KSA.

YouGotaGift has partnered up with leading loyalty, employee, and customer rewards programs in the Kingdom and the wider GCC serving thousands of corporates and hundreds of thousands of individuals through API integrations, online services, and apps.

While digital shopping has been a popular method of shopping in the Middle East, during the pandemic it has grown to become the option of choice. A study of the GCC revealed that the size of the e-commerce market in the GCC is expected to hit $19.7 billion this year alone, with Saudi Arabia accounting for the biggest share at $8.3 billion, followed by the UAE at $7.5 billion. It was noted that shoppers were rapidly moving away from cash and opting for contact-free and digital payment experiences for faster, convenient and secure transactions.

“We have witnessed an acceleration in the demand for eGift Cards since the break of the pandemic. With this upsurge in e-gifting, it was essential that we scale our safety and security measures and opting for the industry certification (PCI-DSS) was a natural fit. As such, this marks an important milestone in our world-class eGift Card platform. Being PCI-DSS compliant, the undisputed global certification for data security and compliance, is a major achievement. In 2013, we were the Region’s First eGift Card platform, and now we are the Region’s First PCI Certified eGift Card platform. We are building to be the most trusted and innovative business partner in the Middle East and beyond.” said Mr. Husain Makiya, CEO and Founder of YouGotaGift.

The process to attain the PCI-DSS certification was extensive and deep-rooted. As the first digital platform of its kind in the region, YouGotaGift has continued to scale its tech and security initiatives to be aligned with global standards, building on world-class technology and e-commerce solutions. This certification is a reflection of the company’s continued efforts to enhance safety and establishes it as a trustworthy partner with its users and partners.

As digital shopping and e-gifting continues to grow, customers and business will increasingly demand quality certifications. It is therefore recommended that businesses adhere to international quality certifications and customers shop only from certified websites.


New and Exclusive NeckDoctor products launch for Laptops in Saudi Arabia

Stand more, sit less.

NeckDoctor, the original ergonomic monitor arm company launches two unique new products in the region. NeckDoctor for Laptops, the Portable Ergonomic Laptop Stand Desk Workstation, and NeckDoctor for Laptops-L, the Height Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop Standing Desk Workstation offering high-quality solutions for office and home to prevent improper sitting postures that strain the muscles and connecting tissues around the neck, head, back, spine and shoulder.

Founder Tarun K. Balani, & CEO – NeckDoctor, “Sedentariness begins with redesigning our workspace and rethinking how we function within that space. Thus, the first step toward solving the sit or stand dilemma is to develop a healthy, balanced approach, combining periods of seated work with periods of standing work through the introduction of a sit-stand paradigm with the presence of sit-stand workstations. NeckDoctor allows the user to easily switch between seated work and standing work while remaining at the same desk. Encouraging users to stand more and sit less helps prevent an inactive lifestyle giving a boost in energy, mood, and sleep quality that comes from increased activity.”neckdoctor-for-laptops-l-image-1

The average adult sits 6.5 hours a day. For teens, it’s higher at eight hours a day.

The absence of practicing ergonomics can damage our wellbeing. Sitting all day in office results in dreadful illnesses caused by a sedentary lifestyle such as obesity, diabetes, heart ailments, strained neck, and sore shoulders. Employees who suffer from consistent pain and health issues result in inefficiency at work, loss of hours, and productivity which affects organizational growth and revenue in the long term. Alternating between seated work and standing work has been shown to benefit both human health and worker productivity.  Studies have shown that varying periods of sitting work with periods of standing work helps measurably reduce pain and fatigue complaints in the work environment.

“Everyone is looking for a solution and a promise, we offer both. We understand the importance and future of ergonomics in a world where technology has become a way of life. The human body and improving your workplace posture naturally is our prime focus. With the rise in laptop usage, the use of technology extends beyond the office with working from home trending in these pandemic times. Prolonged use and an improper posture are harmful to the spine. The human body needs ergonomic solutions and products that are pain relief, natural, medicine-free, doctor free and even surgery-free.”neckdoctor-for-laptops-image-1

Research shows that standing burned an extra 0.15 calories per minute, on average, compared with sitting. Men burned an extra 0.2 calories per minute while standing, compared with sitting, which was twice as much as women, who burned an extra 0.1 calories per minute while standing, compared with sitting. Men burn more calories per minute because they typically have more muscle mass than women.

The Sit and Stand workstations features are unique such as Gas spring hydraulic mechanism, pneumatic height-adjustable, work surface made with durable, fire, heat resistant, and virtually unbreakable melamine particle with TSCA Title VI compliant certification unlike any other product in the market with a solid steel frame body. All products are fully certified and strength tested. NeckDoctor for Laptops retails at SAR 699 + VAT while NeckDoctor for Laptops-L is at SAR 1,299 + VAT.

Combining the art of science and technology, NeckDoctor continues to introduce a range of innovative ergonomic solutions products to bring relief to every part of the human body affected by the use of technology. The organization aims to help its users work efficiently, effectively, and comfortably resulting in better productivity, profitability, and success at the workplace or home. Launching soon is an ergonomic solution for the human foot.