Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Men’s Body Image Anxiety Can Be Trimmed

Men’s Body Image Anxiety Can Be Trimmed

In a clean cut from the past, the perception of beauty and personal grooming products being the exclusive domains of women has been sheared.

Men have extensively joined the race to not only look presentable, but also reap the benefits of serious grooming and personal hygiene with body hair trimmers, spray perfumes, nail kits, skin care and much more. This is a global trend, and the Middle East is not an exception.

While the zeal to look good is fair, the pressure to do so is causing anxiety and stress contributing to body image issues in men. Unrealistic media messaging, social media hypes, dispersal of celebrity profile images, fashion trends and job market demands are all conducive factors. The COVID-19 pandemic has further heated up the challenge. But not all’s lost and there’s no need for men to feel left out without adequate support.

Dylan Chou, the General Manager for Meridian said, “Male body image in the superhero era is applied to men’s worth which is unattainable and unrealistic. Your body image is how you think and feel about your body through thoughts, perceptions, imagination, and emotions. While Meridian supports the foundation of men’s well being, grooming, and hygiene routine with high-quality, easy-to-use self care products, we encourage men to create healthier focus and standards on how to love yourself and your body when stress and anxiety hit.”


Eating Disorders + Exercise Male body image issues can lead to eating disorders and exercise addiction. Many experts believe that around one third of people with eating disorders globally are male and under reported due to stigma. Steroid abuse in young men, elite athletes, competitive bodybuilders, men who train with weights, and security guards are some of the male groups most at risk of using performance and image enhancing drugs to promote muscle growth or reduce body fat.

If you work out even when you’re sick or injured and feel anxious if you can’t exercise, or exhibit similar other traits, chances are you need professional support to get to the root of your mental health issues. Also, if you regularly binge eat or excessively restrict food intake, seek guidance from a therapist who specialises in male eating disorders.

Tackling With Therapy Statistics show that only about one-third of people in therapy in the United States are men, even as men are three times more likely than women to commit suicide. Men deserve support when mental health issues hit. Seeking help is a sign of courage and strength. Right support can surely help.

Clear-cut Hope

Young men in the Gulf region are particularly impacted by the global society-influenced need for aesthetically appealing looks. The latest edition of Beauty World Middle East, the Arab world’s largest international beauty and wellness trade fair in Dubai, spotlighted the region’s rapidly maturing male grooming market, which Euro monitor International forecasts will achieve compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5 per cent by 2025. The GCC men’s grooming market is valued at $1.1 billion in an industry projected to be worth $12 billion by this year end. Overcoming negative body image and mental health issues are manageable with adequate help. The relationship between men and body image is more complex than ever, but affordable resources have never been more widely accessible. If you’re struggling with your body image or your relationship to food, reach out. Therapy, support groups, and supportive friends and family can be a lifeline as you work to heal. After all, there’s nothing like winning, feeling fresh, smelling better, and letting compliments roll in.


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