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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

As a First Hospital, in its Kind, at the Level of the Middle East

As a First Hospital, in its Kind, at the Level of the Middle East

 Andalusia: It is high time to enter the future of health care through the gate of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

At the time when the world is prepared to be ushered in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the World Economic Forum predicted that the deliverance systems of healthcare will be radically changed, during the next decade, into a health system supplied with data and integrative supposed care through an integrative chain for delivering health service in the suitable environments.

While the KSA apparently stands out as the greatest health forum in the region, with a package of programs and legislation enacted by the Saudi government to shore up the health transformation drive in the country and keep up with the 2030 vision, there are also leading native parties in the healthcare sector which make opportunities of best health services accessible for patients, contribute to the development of health sector in the Kingdom and usher the KSA into the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the wide health sector.


Andalusia Hospitals Group seeks expansion of participation circle of the native health sector in digitizing healthcare and delivering the developed healthcare which impacts the efficacy and effectiveness of healthcare, human resources, and standardized health systems to help make the health sector sustainable given that health is the foundation of the development of countries.

Over four decades, since it was launched at the heart of Jeddah, under the supervision of Dr.  Dirweesh Zaqzuq, Andalusia has delivered healthcare to more than 30 million persons, out of whom 800.000 individuals receive it annually and more than 2000 persons receive the treatment on a daily basis in more than 11 business entities in KSA and Egypt through multi-specialized hospitals, clinics, and health centers.


To this end, the government has allocated more than 138 Saudi riyals for the health sector which is highly considered the backbone of the KSA’s 2030 Vision Map and the cornerstone for enhancing

competitiveness and sustained development pillars, taking into account that the sector is subject technological development. This has doubled Andalusia’s efforts, under the leadership of its CEO, Hazim Zaqzuq, to incite a revolution in the field of healthcare at the native sector level, by merging the concept of the developed healthcare in the Fourth Industrial Revolution where technological innovations contribute to developing new ways for treatment, diagnosis, follow-up of patients’ health condition and deliverance of the best accessible medical solutions.


Through the adoption of concepts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Hospital management thinks of providing a modern image for understanding healthcare services, health systems management, ways of diagnosis and treatment, besides the relationship between health officials and patients through simulation of the smart hospital model which adopts the latest technologies according to the international standards.


The AI plays a great role in accelerating the development level of medical performance through the employment of the modern advanced devices which have changed medical care concepts into developed settings operating with the AI in the hospital, for example, Robotic Surgery, Robotic Rehabilitation glove, Neuronavigation, and Acoustic or Stock Wave Therapy.


As the first hospital of its kind across the Middle East Region, Andalusia seeks, through the New Hai Al-Jamea Hospital at the heart of Jeddah, to achieve a quality move and a milestone in delivering medical services according to an all-encompassing vision with top-notch quality. The Hospital was designed to be identified with concepts of modern engineering where waiting time necessary for the patient in the hospital can be reduced, rapid recovery process enhanced, calmness rates boosted and better sleeping patterns supported.


The advanced engineering design of hospitals provides a developed health atmosphere that enhances the rapid recovery process where this environment is capable of providing a source of natural light, reduction of noise, calm atmosphere, pleasant view, indoor and outdoor connection to nature, easy movement inside the hospital, the privacy of both patients and visitors, use of grey waters in watering, use of high-performance glass to reduce heat transfer, boost requirements of heating and air-conditioning and ventilation of air, waste control and treatment,  reduce the exhaustion of water and enhance infection control system according to the global standards.


It is worth noting that Andalusia delivers its services through 11 hospitals and medical centers and 280 clinics in three cities where they are staffed with 7000 specialists and they include comprehensive centers of excellence with specialized entities to deliver top-notch quality and care levels in the fields of cardiac diseases, brain stroke, and tumors.


First Item:

12 standards in hospital buildings to expedite recovery time according to some experts in healthcare deliverance, 12 standards should be available in the hospital building in order to reduce the time needed for recovery of the patient, boost calmness rates, and support better-sleeping patterns.

  1. Natural light
  2. Reduced noise
  3. Calm atmosphere
  4. Pleasant green view
  5. Indoor and outdoor connection to nature
  6. The easy movement inside the hospital
  7. Privacy of patients and visitors
  8. Use of grey waters in watering
  9. use a glass of high performance to alleviate heat transfer and boost requirements of heating and air-conditioning and ventilation of air.
  10. Waste management
  11. Reduction of water exhaustion
  12. The infection control system according to the global standards

Where is the first hospital in the region to adopt this style?
Andalusia Hospital at the heart of New Al-Jamea of Jeddah

Second Item:

How have 30 million persons capitalized on the modern healthcare services in Andalusia Hospital?
Within four decades, 30 million persons, out of whom 800.000 patients annually, more than 2000 individuals on a daily basis and 100 persons every hour benefit from medical services in Andalusia Hospitals, through 11 hospitals and medical centers, 280 clinics in 3 cities, with 7000 employees caring for patients.


Third Item:

9 rules for merging wellness with developed medical services inside hospitals   

 How do hospitals consolidate wellness with advanced medical services?
Andalusia Hospital, in New Hai Al-Jamea of Jeddah, presents new expertise, for the first time, in merging wellness techniques with advanced medical services through the adoption of nine rules at the heart of the medical environment of the hospital, given that these services come as the top priority:

  1. Luxurious internal design.
  2. A zone is allocated for the family.
  3. Brilliant illumination system close to natural light.
  4. Green-areas view.
  5. Best acoustic performance for noise reduction.
  6. The infection control system is according to global standards.
  7. Absolute patient privacy.
  8. Best chefs and nutritionists supervise personally the served meals.
  9. Luxurious suites such as the following:

17 Presidential suites, 6 Royal suites, 24 shared room, 1 Andalusia suite, 48 single first classroom, and 2 GYM  1 nursery


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