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Ashmore & King’s College Hospital London Announce New CEO for King’s KSA

New CEO for King’s KSA Announced by Ashmore and King’s College Hospital London.

Ashmore Group plc, a UK-listed investment management company with a focus on emerging markets, together with its strategic […]


Visit Trio Ranch to Experience Their Showjumping Competition

There’s a lot more to the venue than just their stunning horses.

Are you looking for a place to relax, connect with nature and enjoy the best […]


Skyscanner lets you in on its secret for the value of popular travel hacks

Ever wondered how much you can really save by traveling on the cheapest day of the week or booking at the best time? Skyscanner has got you covered.

The world leading […]


Grintafy has announced the first tryouts with The First Division League

The Official Talent Discovery Partner of FDL, Grintafy, has just announced the competition of the first tryout with The First Division League! 

In collaboration with 3 clubs in the first division […]


‘The Last of Us’ Soars with Its Views on OSN+!

The critically acclaimed HBO series, ‘The Last of Us’, created a buzz with its audience with high viewership.   

The show has displayed a unique display, and with that, it has gained […]

Allah Almighty’s Names: Al Jabbar

Allah Almighty’s Names: Al Jabbar

In almost every ayah, you’ll find at least one of Allah The Almighty’s names that reveal many of His attributes. One such name is “Al Jabbar”.


States of Light | A must visit Art exhibition in Jeddah

Monochrome Monologues | Finding light with photography with Reem Al Faisal

In Jeddah at large, 2023 is to be the year of long-awaited art shows, gallery openings and more. The city, […]

islamic places in spain

5 Islamic Places in Spain every Muslim must visit

Having been a Muslim settlement for a big part of recent human history, Spain is home to a number of astonishing monuments that trackback to the golden age of Al-Andalus […]


Jeddah’s first food, beverage, and hospitality exhibition | HORECA

HORECA is known to be the biggest and most rich-in-food exhibition circulating around food with everything related including workshops, and more!

The annual event, HORECA, is known for being the biggest […]


Opportunities for Volunteering in Riyadh

By Ghada Al-Omran

Dedicating your time as a volunteer to help out with even the smallest tasks can make a real difference to the lives of people, animals, and […]