Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Riyadh Zoo 2023 is Back For its Second Edition

Riyadh Zoo 2023 is Back For its Second Edition

Riyadh’s remarkable zoo is back in action for Riyadh Season for its second edition, promising an animal lover’s paradise on the 13th of November. With six enthralling subzones, the Riyadh Zoo beckons visitors to explore its 55-acre space, featuring over 1,300 animals from 190 species. This year, the zoo introduces its guests to rare red pandas, adding to its diverse wildlife collection.

The zoo, located in Al Malaz, welcomes guests daily from 9 am to 5 pm, and the best part? Entry is entirely free, but securing a ticket is essential for a closer encounter with the animal kingdom. The subzones offer unique experiences, from interacting with kangaroos at The Farm to observing owls at The Owl House and exploring the House of Pongos to learn about different ape species.

Riyadh Zoo 2023 is Back For its Second Edition

The subzones are as follows:

Enchanted Forest:
An animal lover’s paradise! Interact with giraffes, encounter bears and delightful llamas, and admire the elegant gazelles. Be sure to check out our latest addition, the Red Panda!

Lakeside Area:
Enjoy a lakeside retreat to observe birds and admire various animals in a serene setting.

Elephant Feeding
Embrace the opportunity to interact with elephants at their feeding platform, where you can get up close and personal with the Elephants

Swamp Subzone:
Encounter crocodiles and majestic white tigers, some of which you can even feed for a truly interactive experience.

Wild Adventure Safari:
Take on a thrilling safari ride to catch a glimpse of the mighty lion, adding an element of wild excitement to your visit.

Wonder Garden:
The adventure doesn’t end at the zoo; explore the Wonder Garden, where vibrant butterflies take center stage, making Riyadh Season a haven for animal enthusiasts.


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These subzones are only to name a few, additional experiences  include Al Malaz Bay, Ape Escape, The Garden, The Red Panda Experience, Wild Adventures, The Farm, and so much more. Riyadh Zoo’s return marks the perfect opportunity for families, nature enthusiasts, and animal lovers to immerse themselves in a world of diverse wildlife. Plan your visit now to experience the magic of Riyadh Season’s beloved zoo, and book your ticket here.


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