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Anxiety… Will It Ever Go Away?

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by Aroosa Khan

Anxiety often appears to be about daily worries, which we think make us lose our sense of control and upon getting rid of them; we’ll achieve a state of serenity and a long lasting calmness of mind.

We are also anxious socially because we live in a world of snobs, people who take a tiny part of us and use these to come to a complete verdict about how valuable we are as humans. Whether it’s status anxiety or anxiousness of ever being able to find your dreamy soul mate, there are several ways you can avoid to be stung by anxiety.


HALT! If you’re starting to freak out with anxiety, check if you’re feeling hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. Sometimes just meeting a friend for coffee can help soothe your mood and calm you internally.

And also, breathe, a lot.

Treat no one – least yourself as though they entirely deserve to be where they are, or what circumstances they’re going through. Make up your own definition of positive feelings and emotions; including success, happiness, surprise, blessing, love, consideration, appreciation, gratefulness and many others, instead of uncritically leaning on society there are so many ways to succeed, to be loved, to be happy, and many of them have nothing to do with status and circumstances as its currently defined within the value system of industrial capitalism. Most importantly, we should refuse to let our outer achievements, what we have been granted in life, or who loves us to define our sense of self entirely.

There remain so many vital sides of us that will never appear on our resume or business cards, that do not stand a chance of being captured by that maddeningly blunt and unimaginative question one asks themselves, ‘What have I done in life?’ , ‘Am I of any use at all?’ , ‘Will I be ever loved?’

Your brain believes what you tell yourself repeatedly, and makes it come to pass. It is essential to change your thoughts and beliefs by eliminating the big and bold words from your self-talk like “I can’t” “I’ll never” “impossible” etc.


There are many hacks to get rid of anxiety and one of the best hacks is giving 100% attention to the task at hand. Paying attention to too many things at one time is bad for your brain. Put everything aside and focus on one thing that you are currently doing.

There’s no cure-for-all, surefire way to approach anxiety. The single most important move is to accept that we will always be anxious. There’s no need to be anxious about the fact that we are anxious. So go out there and do not let anxiety get the best of you!

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