Andalusia Clinics For Kids Wellness

The first specialized center for kids’ wellness in the Kingdom.

It takes a special program to efficiently meet children’s health and developmental needs, and Andalusia Clinics enjoys the distinction of being the first in the Kingdom and one of the best in the field.

The center specializes in nurturing the emotional, physical, and mental health of these young members of our society, offering programs to control childhood obesity, provide solutions to growth problems, and cater to children with special needs. Andalusia also focuses on the overall wellness and development for kids that have no special issues, whether it is the development of their skills or defining what their inner strengths and talents are; which is followed by extensive work on enhancing those talents to reach the best potential possible for your children.imgl0533-2

Andalusia Clinics’ 6-floor center in Jeddah includes Psychology, Dental, Pediatric, and Neurology clinics, in addition to a sampling lab, and an emergency room. A Speech Therapy clinic, pharmacy, and a BCBA clinic for children with Autism are also all located within the premises, along with a cooking academy, a playground, a gym, and a Greek restaurant that serves healthy, nutritional meals that children love.

At the center, children enjoy exciting and enriching activities designed to ensure they have fun while sharpening important skills and their emotional intelligence, notably a one-month program for children between the ages of 4 and 14. During this time, specialized doctors monitor the children to share their findings with the parents and address their needs. At the end of the program is a Graduation Ceremony that celebrates all the work of the young participants, held exclusively for them. imgl0044

No matter what your child’s age, Andalusia has a program appropriate for them and their interests. Go ahead and visit the center, your kids will love it!

Location: Corner of Sari St. and El Khatib El Tebrizy St., Bawadi Dist., Jeddah
Tel: +966-12-2166677
Facebook: andalusiackw
Twitter: andalusiackw
Instagram: andalusia.ckw

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