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All About That Kharoof

All About That Kharoof
by Hurreia B. and Sahrish Ali 

Why The Kharoof?

This is to commemorate the unparalleled sacrifice offered by the Prophet Ibrahim, when he, in pursuance to a command of Allah conveyed to him in a dream, prepared himself to slaughter his beloved son, and actually did so but, Allah Almighty, after testing his submission, sent down a sheep and saved his son from the logical fate of slaughter.

During the celebration of Eid al-Adha, Muslims commemorate and remember Abraham’s trials, by themselves slaughtering an animal such as a sheep, camel, or goat.

What kind of sacrifices can you make?

The sacrifice of an animal has been recognized as a form of worship.

1. The animal has reached the required age:

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Do not sacrifice anything but an adult animal, unless it is difficult for you, in which case you may slaughter a six-month old lamb (jadh’ah).” Narrated by Muslim

The adult age is:

  • One year for a goat or a sheep.
  • Two years for a cow.
  • Five years for a camel.

2. Animal is healthy:

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “There are four that will not do for sacrifice: a one-eyed animal whose defect is obvious, a sick animal whose sickness is obvious, a lame animal whose limp is obvious and an emaciated animal that has no marrow in its bones.” (Saheeh, Saheeh al-Jaami’, no. 886).

3. The Animal is not stolen, but actually in full possession of the person selling it.

  • A sheep is enough for a family.

Abu Ayyoob al Ansaree said: “At the time of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH), a man would sacrifice a sheep on behalf of himself and the members of his household, and they would eat from it and give some to others.” (Reported by Ibn Maajah and al-Tirmidhi, who classed it as saheeh)

  • Seven people can share a cow or a camel.

We sacrificed at al-Hudaybiyah with the Prophet (PBUH), a camel for seven and a cow for seven.” Narrated Muslim

When do I Kharoof it?
Your sacrifice can be performed during the three days of Eid, namely the 10th, Ilth and 12th of Hajj.
Who are worthy of the Kharoof?
The person who made the sacrifice should keep some for personal consumption, a part of it should be distributed among the family and another part of it should be distributed among the needy.

It is not permissible to sell the sacrifice meat or the skin of the animal, however they can be used for personal use.


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