Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Add a Little Spring to Your Life

Add a Little Spring to Your Life

March marks the beginning of spring and keeping with that spirit here is a fresh, floral and springy feature.


The Aromas of Spring

Earthy smells surround you as soon as you enter this tucked away store. Founder, Shaima Tayeb, talks about how the concept began when she decided to completely alter her lifestyle. “We love our Hijazi roots. That is why we put the Shugul Jeddah (Made in Jeddah) stamp on all our local products.”

This haven is a lot of things, some of which are:


These are interior design, gardening and landscaping.


The fair trade, handmade things selected from adventures and travels.

Creations & Antiques

These are things that influence DIY culture, including up-cycling and refurbishing old antiques, while maintaining the Hijazi feel.



“We collaborate with community food enthusiasts to bring the best tastes to Jeddah. Nawal Khalawi of Food Evolution is one our main supporters.”

Artikiya Attire

Artikiya aims to make clothing that is modest yet practical and comfortable.

Scents & Blends

Essential oil blends are all in general antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti fungal. They help with circulation, creative thinking, and are natural mood boosters. The fragrant mix is first left for 24 hours in a dark bottle and then seen how well the different essential oils blend together.

There are three notes for each kind of mix:

Clarisage is great for focusing and before meditation. Peppermint has a cooling effect; it opens up the heart.

These oils are most beneficial when mixed with carrier oils such as argan and almond. They can be used in a diffusor or with oils or water for an immersed fragrant experience.

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