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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Abla Fahita’s Family As Never Seen Before

Abla Fahita’s Family As Never Seen Before

Upcoming series “Drama Queen” On March 15th only on Netflix.

“Abla Fahita: Drama Queen”, Netflix’s upcoming Arabic original series, is set to air on March 15, 2021, only on Netflix. The series co-stars Abla Fahita’s family, Caro, and Boudi, in addition to the stars Bassem Samra, Donia Maher, Zeina Mansour, Rehab Hussein, Osama Abdallah.

The series consists of 6 episodes full of an action-packed comedy-drama, which is considered as Abla Fahita’s first foyer into the drama world and also highlights her human side. The illustrious diva goes on the run after being implicated in a crime.

Separated from her children, Caro and Boudi, and shunned by society, how far will Abla go to claim them back?

The series is directed by Khaled Marei and written by Abla Fahita with the participation of Mohamed El-Gamal, George Azmy, Dina Maher, and Mahmoud Ezzat, and produced by OKWRD Productions in cooperation with Partner Pro and the executive producers, Amin Al-Masri & Rania Hegazy.

Created by Abla Fahita
Directors Khaled Marei
Starring Abla Fahita, Bassem Samra, Caro, Donia Maher, Zeina Mansour, Rehab Hussein, Osama Abdallah
Writers Abla Fahita, George Azmy, Dina Maher, Mohamed El-Gamal and Mahmoud Ezzat.
Producers  OKWRD Productions, in cooperation with Partner Pro, Shorouk Mokhtar, Kawthar Younis
Executive producers Amin El Masri and Rania Hegazy
DOP Ahmed Youssef
Production designer Mohamed Attia
Wardrobe designer Yasmeen ElKadi
Senior Assistant director Fadel El-Garhy
Editors Khaled Selim and Hossam ElMasry
Production Supervisor Islam Hamza
Sound Engineer Elmy Abdel-Sattar
Mixing Tarek Alloush
Post & VFX Supervision Mohamed Fouda
Colorist Mahmoud Ali
Music by Hassan ElShafie
Head of Production Essam Saber


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