A Man's Guide To Activities In Jeddah

By Rima Al-Mukhtar

Women enjoy coffee mornings, shopping excursions, and spa dates…so what’s left for men?

If you think women have all the fun, think again. Jeddah is actually a man’s world, if you know where to look. DJ presents a thought-provoking list of activities for men in Jeddah.


Jeddah offers football lovers a variety of football fields that they can rent; prices range from SR250-450/hour. Fields like Kaaki, Bin Mahfooz, Jantaneyya and Triple M are the perfect place to enjoy your favorite sport.


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Saudi men often gather with their friends at coffee shops and lounges to play cards; one of the most popular game is Baloot. Cafes are also the perfect place where they can gather to enjoy their shisha and male camaraderie.


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Water Sports:

Jeddah’s beaches are open for everyone to enjoy, but water sports are the main attraction for Jeddawi men. They can rent a jet ski, jet boat or even a yacht to enjoy the open water. Rentals begin at SR500 at the Marinah in Obhor, North Jeddah.


Dune Bashing:

Head to Bahra in east Jeddah in a 4×4 for the experience of your life! You will find lots of other jeeps ‘dune drifting’ along the piled soft sand and showing off their daring driving skills. But be careful; only try this with experienced drivers for your safety and the safety of others. The base of a sand dune can be a lot more solid than it looks…


Photo Credit: nidalm.com

Diving & Snorkeling:

The Red Sea has so much to offer for divers and water enthusiasts; rich marine life, big waves, deep diving waters, colorful sea life. Take a boat out to the reefs/wrecks on the Red Sea and prepare to be amazed!


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The Red Sea has so much to offer fishermen of all skill levels. The most popular places for fishing are Khaleej Salman, north Jeddah and Al-Khomra in south Jeddah..


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Body Building:

Most Jeddawis love to hit the gym for extensive training sessions. Gold’ s Gyms, Fitness Time, amongst others, hold social competitions like arm wrestling, weight lifting and numerous other fun gym activities too, so it’s not all work.

Weekend Away:

Jeddahwis are truly spoilt for choice – there are so many interesting destinations within the Kingdom. Popular spots include Abha, l where men can enjoy doing the things they want to do without women hijacking the day.Visit it with the full freedom of men on the move – no handbags or shopping bags in sight! Check out DJ’s Explore KSA section for some great destination suggestions.


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