A Detox Retreat

By Dilara Hafiz 

Raw food, daily enemas and juice instead of food, these may not sound like the ingredients for a luxurious spa experience, but they form a recipe for a transformative physical and spiritual retreat.

Alternative health experts and proponents of naturopathy believe that physical diseases are due to an accumulation of toxins built up over time in our bodies. From environmental pollution, poor diet, smoking to stress, toxins have become a harsh reality of our 21st century lifestyle.
The Benefits

Taking time-out from your hectic life for a dedicated detox will not only help you lose weight, reduce stress, clear up skin and digestive problems and massively boost energy levels, but it may also help you process and let go of years of accumulated stress and negative mental patterns. The theory is that as your physical body releases toxins, it also releases the negative energy that you’ve stored up on an emotional and mental level also.
Its Not That Easy

Don’t undertake this challenging process lightly – you may actually feel worse for a few days before the benefits begin to manifest themselves! Allow a week to ten days, or ideally two weeks, to a regimen in order to feel the lasting effects of this reboot to your system. You’ll fast, eat high-fiber, organic or raw foods, drink lots of natural enzyme-based juices, and listen to the signals of your body.
It Eventually Pays Off

Say ‘good-bye’ to the common toxicity symptoms of headache, fatigue, allergies, constipation, skin disorders, bronchial congestion and even certain mental disorders. Think of it as changing the oil or air filter in your vehicle. Your body will thank you.

 Cover Photo Credit: consciouslifenews.com

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